The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming



Would be nice.


Shiiieetttt that could be either one of Hooker, Hurley or Clarke being touch and go for Hartley.


I think we’ve won something like 5 out of our last 7 matches, so no need for any unforced changes. Hoping there will not be any last-minute changes too.

North is a good, mediocre team but we are a slightly better good, mediocre team.

I can’t get to the game until after half time this week, but that is probably the best time to go watch a footy game these days as the first half is often a rolling scrum.


How does brown keep the spot in the team this week? the last two weeks he hasn’t kicked a goal Hartley should’ve been brought into play in the forward line, with his booming kick he can kick the ball 60 metre


Might wanna check your stats again Shazza.


And you have actually seen Snelling play a shut down role? Cunnington would throw him around like a rag doll he’s that much bigger and stronger. Clarke on the other hand is a brute and 187cm and solidly built. Clarke to Cunnington is a no brainer


I have watched him a couple of time in the VFL and he has been a tackling machine. His game in every aspect is far superior to Clarke.


Our wins the last few weeks are like fools gold. The wins cover a massive drop in our form where wc, gws and syd have made us look second rate for almost all of the game bar the last quarter. Without Hepp (our most important player cause he is the only inside mid we have) against the in form team of the comp who”s strength is inside footy- I can’t see us winning. Hope I’m wrong.


Who’s our back up captain?


They’re too busy wondering how that father-son slipped through the cracks.


My favourite quote of the day.
Perhaps to much truth for Blitz


Meltdown over on the North board for dropping LDU and Durdin.

They were solid in the backline. May have exposed them a bit. Hooker moves forward and they’re ■■■■■■ match up wise I think.


Hope Hartley is not out as a backup for Hooker


Potentially. But only if they want to move Hooker forward for the game. I don’t think Hooker has an injury concern.


I agree with this.

Is Clarke a one trick pony who has been found out? Good average okish footballer, with okish skills & okish ball winning ability. Overall Okish

If Smith can play on Cunnington, so can Sneiling -


Sometimes elegance and style and grace and skills and tenacity and intensity and cunning win over brute force


Snelling’s true weight is a mystery that I have been pondering for a while…the AFL websites have him as 70kg which is clearly too low…Footywire has him as 89kg, which is heavier than Clarke…I honestly don’t know what that chunky frame weighs in at.


I actually hope Lav is dropped & Hartley comes in to play key back allowing Hooker to play forward.

I endorse this idea…


Last week was hard to watch and we won. This week is going to be really hard to watch.


Or LAV! Hope he kicks 6 and their forum goes into melt down.