The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming


Are you saying Shaun is Corey’s son? They are brothers…


Doubt he’d be hovering at 90kg that would be more suited to a rugby player not AFL at that height. Either way we have a tagger is proven to be able to shut down the oppositions best.




Clarkes the only player we have that could run with cunnington, except dyson.

cunnington would slap a midget like snelling.

are you people on crack?


Kelly for GWS probably too outside/fast for him, but he lowered Parker’s colours. As much as I’d like to see Snelling, no way Clarke makes way.


You’ve gotta be kidding me.

He does a job with his running and takes a defender with. I’d be be happy with a Snelling swap if Hooker was moved forward and BZT/Hartley brought in otherwise he stays. Due for a few I reakon.


Big call considering Clarke was being tagged at VFL level, also he kept Cripps to under 15 possessions. To say Snelling is superior in every way is ridiculous.
He’s not a run with player. Being a good tackler doesn’t mean he can tag. Clarke can tag, he’s been tagged himself. He knows the craft. Snelling will get a shot soon you’d think. As a tagger, it won’t be


Seniors game is only a few hours after VFL. Seems prudent to hold over both a tall and small emergency this week.

#49 media has tipped North 15-1, lets shut these pretenders down.


Fck me, Cos smith and Snelling are in the same league. They’re around the same height I guess so yea sure, he can do whatever smith can


The best kind.Tastes like heaven.


Who knows, certainly not any of us here- why we haven’t even seen the bloke play!
You heard about a bloke called Tippa who was killing it in the VFL and then they brought him into the AFL where wait for it, he killed it there too!

Tippa is categorically also our best kick and if he kicks goals we win. Simples.

Perhaps Sneiling might do a Tippa?

I’m a tipping that the guy is gonna turn out to be a gun.


And there’s your problem, you’re tipping he’ll be a gun whilst Smith is already a gun.

Not sure why we’re talking about Tippa? You said if smith could play on Cunnington then so could Snelling. I’m not saying he can’t but smith is a legit gun. Snelling was delisted by port after 1 senior game


plays well in the VFL and there’s a spot he can debut next, back home, in Adelaide


Razor Ray has our game this week




70 might be from when he was first drafted, 4 years ago


Geez. Only a few weeks ago Clarke was the new messiah. Now people want him replaced by the next new shiny thing already.


Lol. We’ve had and still got our fair share.


Im concerned Hooker may be in doubt re Hartley being held over, hope I’m wrong.