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Ok, parents. Need some advice here.

My daughter is 7yo so we didn’t expect to have to have the full on “talk” quite this early. But, best laid plans, eh? One of our friends gave us a rather innocent looking book for “7years and older” that talks about human bodies, how they change, etc. Right in the middle of it (unbeknownst to us) was an illustration of 2 adults under sheets with description of how a baby gets made:

“the man puts the ■■■■■ into the woman’s vagina”

Umm, cue awkwardness as our daughter reads that out loud.

We tried to be chill so as not to make it sound weird or in anyway shameful but have been getting a lot of follow up questions.

Any advice on how to proceed from parents who have been through this?

Mrs Wim did the task with LMW.
Without wanting to speak too much for her, I think starting with periods helped.
Everything makes a lot more sense after that.

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dingus jr. has recently turned thirteen.

“Dreading” is the wrong word about having the talk, I just have no idea how to go about it. I’ve enquired as to his status with the “the ladies”, and he clams up tighter than a clammy clam.

No idea.

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I’m 50 & still waiting for ‘the talk’ from my old man.


They’ve probably visited it before you’ve even thought about “the talk”

Apparently average age of exposure to online material is 11. That’s average, so could be younger.


‘The talk’ at age 7? I didn’t stop eating worms until I was 23.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that

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Glad I don’t have girls, my boys are 10 & 13 and have no idea.

we got sex ed in grade 3 so i was about 8 i guess? But i think mum got tanked and had already explained it to me by that point.


I never got a sex talk and ended up OK…actually…

When I told my little 'un it was time to have THAT talk, she asked me what I wanted to know.


You eat wings in the bath, so much repression in that activity.

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You mean you don’t?

I just showed my kids some soft core ■■■■. That’s how I learnt.

I showed my kids a picture of a stork and told them to figure it out themselves

The day I had to get the hose out and squirt my rootrat of a mutt & his latest conquest for 5 minutes in front of their incredulous open mouthed faces to get him unlatched from the Neighbours Lab B*tch took the sting out of the whole thing over a BBQ later that night.

“So, … how did you say they were locked together again Dad?”

“Well, …”

It was pretty funny.

whats kyle got to do with this?

Again, seriously, if you have girls then you’re going to (I mean…I don’t want to assume, but in my opinion you should) talk to them about periods and why they have them, well before they’re ten.
From there it’s a natural progression.


Listen to Wim, I’ve heard a few sad stories about unprepared girls at primary school after school care centres.


Dad’s also need to be comfortable enough to talk about them and answer questions without just going “ask your mum”.