The Team - GWS v Us - DC out for "The Pidge" (Blame Marvel)

I’m expecting Esti Ferighetto, Bistro Supervisor for the Windy Hill Venue, to be next. The chips have not been as hot as some customers want them.


He’ll probably kick 8 to win them the game

Lets face it, the star studded Geelong midfield was shizen last weekend . They are all appalling one way players. They don’t like being pressured and they had no answer, until we switched off in the last.

Its not a good idea to expect our midfield to dominate by applying pressure. If the pressure we brought is our template for the rest of the season, we have a chance to win some more games even against good midfields. So this game is gettable.

We are 2 or 3 games out of the 8, but we have to win 8 out of 12 to make it. That is only drop 4 games from this point.

Lose this and it really is “play the kids”

“Glad it’s not Laverde or Langford, as they need to play extended games togther.”

Yer damn straight they do shawry

Pretty much the same story for the Giants… ■■■■■■■ downhill skiers!

Wrong thread.
Should be posted in w@nkword bingo thread.

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Everyone’s on notice.


Shame. I knew Kevin way back when our young kids played footy together. Die hard Essendon supporter. Good bloke- Such a shame.

You’ve contradicted yourself there a little. You mention how tough our run is but then say we’d be limping into finals. If we made finals, you would think that a fair bit would have changed from earlier in the year and we were more than limping in? Maybe?

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EVERYONE is beating that midfield at the moment, dont put to much in that basket as that midfield isnt doing so great right at the moment.

Chief Commercial Officer – Justin Rodski

Wow. Rodski doing well.

OK, see your point. I guess we just seem to be making the finals as the “last to qualify” as we calculate % down to the last goal etc etc. Also seem to use all our petrol tickets getting to the finals etc etc.

However as Doggies and Richmond have shown… now that there is a bye it evens out your chances even if you have a tough run home.

If we win the next 9 playing the aggressive, maniac and exciting style we saw last week… then I will be more than satisfied if that leads to our qualifications for finals!

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Wonder if Kevin received a pay out too.

He should have been first. Went for dinner when we we were over for round 1 and the food was inedible.


We’ll outnumber them !!!

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A couple of the boys and I are flying up for this one. Hope the boys can take the chocolates.


I think if we play that deep forward 6 setup we’ll come very close. Serious tackling power in our smalls.

Walla, Fantasia and Baguley will manufacture turnovers.

Bookmark it.

Not prepared to carry them yourself. Selfish.


Part of me wishes we were blooding all the kids now that the year isn’t what we hoped it would be. We seem to be in a position we haven’t been for a long time where there are a significant amount of kids playing pretty well in the 2’s.

Langford, Laverde, Clarke, Redman, Francis, Zerk Thatcher etc. all were or have been playing well in the 2’s.

May well make us more uncompetitive in the short term but I bet it’d pay big dividends over the next season or two rather than continue with a few that we’d be fairly confident wont be there for our shot at the top.

Wonder if we’re missing an opportunity.

Props to the coaching staff for making sensible reasoned changes this week and not rushing in blokes who previously were auto inclusions like Myers.

You can’t just dump 10 kids into the team.

The whole point of ‘blooding’ the kids into the senior team is that there are senior players in the team with them. If the senior players aren’t there then it’s just the VFL team getting belted by the AFL opposition each week.