[email protected] Bingo


At work I am based at head office and my desk is located within our state operations centre. As a result, a large number of meetings etc occur with all ranks present. My colleagues and I have started playing [email protected] Bingo based on how many token cliches and catch phrases people use when trying to impress others or sound relevant eg “Going forward” “In this space” etc
What are the one you use, hear and/or hate?

The Team - GWS v Us - DC out for "The Pidge" (Blame Marvel)

“liaise with”
“development opportunity”
“growth potential”


'The reality is… "


Let’s white board it


Its the fkg language your mob require.


Shrink wrap
Massage the data

Too angry now to remember some others.


Take off line
Circle back
Close out


Grip together
Agreeance- not even a farking word.

Slightly off topic, but if one more person gives me a slide deck instead of writing a report I’m going to shove it up their ■■■■.


You must be in the APS.


Stakeholder engagement. Communication strategy.


The one that I hate at the moment is “socialise”. You’re going to email the report for review FFS.


Similarly ‘diarise’ instead of ‘make an appointment’


Having to know who the ‘actors’ are in the current ‘space’ and their potential ‘agenda’.


How about this for reporting a stuff up in the daily operations meeting:

“There was an error in judgement by one of the personnel, however no there was no measurable negative consequence.”

In other words

“Barry* stuffed up, but she’s under control, no damage done.”

*not actually Barry.


I’m glad you “surfaced” this issue Mex.


I reckon HR people spend more time justifying their job than actually doing anything.


Slightly off topic, having to report that I have nothing to report…that really peeves me off.


Last year I was invited to a ‘think tank’ for an agency that had won the contract to design a new bike lane between Toowoomba and a small suburb to the north. There’s really only one way to do that as there’s one main road it can follow. However we were one of two groups subjected to three hours of imagining hypothetical people and their journey towards increasing cycling participation in the wider community.

Just built the friggin road and stop wasting tax dollars.


Agree. Glad I’m not in HR.

Our business doesn’t even have a HR department. Which is good for me as a manager, because I get full say in who I hire.


Good work so far folks. I am nodding my head and grinding my teeth at the same time right now