The Team v.s Richmond Round 10. Dreamtime demolition Awaits


Backs: Jayden Laverde, Zach Reid, Jake Kelly
Half-backs: Dyson Heppell, Mason Redman, Nick Hind
Centreline: Nic Martin, Zach Merrett, Matt Guelfi
Half-forwards: Sam Durham, Aaron Francis, Archie Perkins
Forwards: Alec Waterman, Peter Wright, Devon Smith
Followers: Sam Draper, Darcy Parish, Andrew McGrath
Interchange: Jordan Ridley, Dylan Shiel, Ben Hobbs, Nick Bryan
Emergencies: Tom Cutler, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Tex Wanganeen, Harrison Jones

In: Smith, Waterman

Out: Cutler (omitted), Caldwell (injured)

Last week’s medical sub: Waterman (replaced Caldwell)

Just sack Rutten already. The guy has no balls at all. I hope his handling of Shiel is the final straw that gets him sacked


That is horrible. I mean as much as there isnt much in the VFL to pump into the seniors, its still ■■■■■■■ horrible.


No Tex :slightly_frowning_face:

Is our first Dreamtime no brothers? Just adding insult to injury with everything else.

He’ll prob be the sub that said for token gesture


Is this the first time we haven’t had an indigenous player representing the club for this game?

Garbage changes. Not a good start.

So that one week off, Smith is right to go then? Fk me.

Hopefully a late out for Tex.


I’ll be at the victory game at AAMI Park it finishes about 7. Do I even bother walking over the road?

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Smith was only out for illness

Does it count if Tex is the sub?

Rutten is a Worsfold clone. Senior players continues to perform poorly- coach continues to play them

The guy is a clown.

So disgusted by him and the rest of the coaches


Change the name of this game to “The May Day Massacre”.


■■■■ weak . Don’t let the door hit your ■■■ on the way out. DEVON SMITH
Spare me. Tex should be ahead of him.

Mahoney and Rutten need to go . No flair ,no risk taking nothing


I don’t even know what the hell the match committee is thinking any more. I mean, sometimes this season I’ve been able to understand it and think it’s wrong, but wtf?

Aside from MANY MANY other questions, what happened to Smith’s mini-preseason? Did we just completely throw it out the window when we rushed him back for the Hawks game?

Anyway, I assume Wanganeen will be the injury sub so we can get him to toss the coin, just to pretend we actually have an indigenous representative on the team, right?


Maybe they’re protecting Hird, Wanga, etc from the ensuing massacre.

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Is this the first time we haven’t had an Indigenous player in for Dreamtime?

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The smith situation is the most incredibly baffling and strange thing I have seen. Surely Tex gets game time over smith, Baldwin over Francis/ Waterman. Kelly is fkg average, would rather another tall


Pure arrogance.

Not the good kind.

Jones as an emergency is also another dumb call?

ugh this club

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Don’t look at the recent Facebook post then. Pictures of Longy, Wanga, and Alwyn with the word “iconic”. FFS, should have used the “Ironic”. Why post anything when we have no-one this week. Just go and hide under the carpet you flogs.