The Team vs Adelaide

In: Fletcher, Colyer


Out: Carlisle (sore knee), Chappy (rested so he can destroy the cats)




#backourboys is going to be awesome if all of you bastards show up. Get to the game!








For them:

In: Lyons

Out: Crouch


So Melksham has photos of Hird AND Bomber?


Hird with Bomber? :wacko:

Persisting with the turnover king, what a Melk-shame


Goodness gracious.

was it you peos who said Melksham was a definate out this week after last weeks game, so there was no point discussing it earlier in the week ?


I don't get the point of bringing in Coyler, he is not going to improve us. I also don't get why Winderlich and Melk weren't dropped.

Just more empty words sprouted last weekend by the gap year coach.

Fletcher back helps as if he played last week we wouldn't have lost, I'm positive about that.


Colyer hmmm done nothing really, I hope he take his chance and plays well.


Want Dell back into the side, we need scorers.

Melksham can't seriously be in the team... joke of a decision.

Happy for melksham to be given another opportunity. He’s in our best 22. Back him in to work through form issues

Im a Melksham basher from way back but you guys should seriously cool down. It wasn’t his fault we lost last week.

Would’ve thought Dell deserved another crack with Chappy being rested.

cue rosso meltdown

Im a Melksham basher from way back but you guys should seriously cool down. It wasn't his fault we lost last week.

he played a massive part in it, was a team effort overall but e would have got the 3 votes

So Colyer comes in who can't kick to save his life. Melksham stays after doing nothing for ages. 


Dell doesn't come in..



idk 2 goals from right in front was pretty damning from belly, or bjs fairly rudimentary shots he missed, or or or or.


Wow. Melksham. I guess the people making the decisions know far more than we do but based on last weeks game he must have photos. 

Well that a real disappointment. We must have given up our finals chances.