The Team vs Sydney

In: Bellchambers, Myers


Out: Chappy (suspended), Gleeson (omitted)






In: B.Jack

Out: McGlynn (ill)

IN - Bellchambers and Myers 

OUT- Chapman and Gleeson


Team as named:

FB   Dempsey, Hurley, Fletcher

HB   Baguley, Hooker, Heppell

C     Stanton, Watson, Hibberd

HF   Jerrett, Daniher, Goddard

FF   Ambrose, Ryder, Zaharakis


F     Bellchambers, Hocking, Myers


I      Melksham, Carlisle, Aylett, Zerrett



Ashby, Colyer, Hardingham        

Bring on the beachcomber!

carlisle will play back, belly forward, bring on the goals

you would have to think Aylett is the logical sub based on that team......but I'd love to see him get a full game.


Howlett not even an emergency.  It will be interesting to see if he's playing VFL this week

McGlynn out is huge. Interesting no Howlett.

RIP Howlett

I like how Carlisle is on the bench…

Hopefully Jerrett sub and Aylett to get a full game.

But, but, Doc Larkins said Myers is still a week away, and Belly is TBC!

Lets hope Jakey C lets the icy winds of the interchange bench remind him that he, like everyone else needs to deliver. Atrocious output (forward, back or wherever) for a guy of his talent thus far.


Great to see TBC back - may well be underdone but still a target if he is deep forward...Myers crucial.

Zerret would be the sub I’d think

Carlisle will play in the back line I reckon

We will win

Dave the Hoof and Belchopotamus.


Big bodies back for the Swans. Slugfest. 

Gleeson out..... fk!


where is Howlett???We need his contested work in the middle.


Very happy to have Tbell and Myers back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and thats why dr pete got the ■■■ from channel 9!

Not sold on Bellchambers coming back now. Hasn't been that great in VFL. Surprised Benny isn't back in...maybe a niggling injury. Yeah his form hasn't been great but it hasn't been the worst. 

Great Inns


close to our best 22 on the park

I told you lot BEACHCOMBER would be brought in

Very surprised no howlett v sydney. I would have thought his hardness would have been valuable

Sydney’s rucks are probably their weak link. Belly should hold his own there when he is rucking I think.

RIP Howlett

Will have to wait and see if it's permadeath. Hope he gets to roll a new character.
Love McGlynn out, love our ins.