The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

Rublev is a nut job smashes his knee with his racquet till it bleeds lols

Just sad how much the Davis Cup has dropped down the pecking order and how little media attention it gets these days.
Australia beat Finland 2-0 to make the Final for the consecutive year.
Will be a hard ask in the Final with with Novak and the Serbs or Sinner and the Italians but good luck to the lads

And to watch tennis these days in Australia outside of Slams on Stan you have to subscribe to Fetch or TennisTV online. You used to be able to watch most tournaments on Foxtel. It’s borderline impossible to watch and be an invested fan anymore. Too difficult!

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I respect De Minaur and Alexei Popyrin as players but if that pairing was winning Davis Cups then it would say a fair bit about how far it really has fallen away lol. Tremendous effort to make the final by our boys though. Italy too good! Sinner certainly appears to be a guy who will win his share of slams in a post Djokovic era. He’s looking great.


I subscribe to bein sports now and it has all the tennis outside of slams

Realistically to win the Davis Cup you need one play to be around the top 10 ( Minaur is 12) and the second player to be in the top 50 ( Popyrin is 40) - So the team met the criteria.

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Foxtel used to have that but they got rid of it. Can you subscribe to it on its own and stream it?


Oh cool, thank you.

Kyrgios launching an OnlyFans account

OK that’s it, I’m out

A good run Rafa could make the quarter finals, I don’t see him beating Novak, Carlos Alcaraz or Medvedev.

De mInaur ranked 12.

Doubles champion Max Purcell ranked 45, how’s his singles going?

Popyrin ranked 40 probably my second favourite to watch after Nick Kyrgios.

Never heard of Alexsander Vukic ranked 62

Kokkinakis ranked 65

No Kyrgios

FWIW not everying on OnlyFans is sexualised. Not that I would know about that, however.

What ranking would Rafa come in at?

A look at how the Aussie women are faring isn’t pretty at all. Not one player inside the top 100 :flushed::pensive:

Tomljanovic, the most credentialed of them on tour currently sits at 289 after dealing with a heap of injuries in the last 12 months.

yeh I had a look at the female side and decided not to post, thought i might see Stephanie Hird if I went to the next page :rofl:

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Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 12.52.10 pm

Every time tennis season comes around I cant help but think of this moment and this woman. I am convinced she was channeling pure Novak energy and cursed Fed.

STORM HUNTER. What a name.

I’m triggered. Thanks Alex. Ffs

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