The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

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Interesting to see that the Australian Open is going to start on the Sunday now rather than the Monday. An extra day into the schedule to help reduce the number of games played during the day on the main courts which will help the evening matches always start on time which will prevent those crazy 3am-4am matches from happening.


staying up to watch roddick vs younes was folk lore

Kokinakis vs Murray was ridiclous lthe match didnt finish till like 6 in morning

Nah, it was closer to 4.15 I reckon

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It makes sense to include an extra day on the weekend, however this is about raising more revenue.


Rafa will play at the AO next year

Also Nick is aiming to play too


Rafa will need a miracle to ever play competitively again - Kyrgios is up in the air - More spin from tiley.

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Just having some look at the ticketing for next year, seems like the RLA day sessions are just two matches now

arent they usually only two?

IIRC day sessions at Vodafone (or whatever its called now) used to have as many as they could fit on, but I always thought Rod Laver was 2 during the day and 2 during the night?

I thought it was 3 during the day???

I do get quite drunk when I go in there so happy to stand corrected!

yeeeah I thought that since they upped the capacity of some of the outside courts that rod laver became 2 during the day, but I may be wrong

It was definitely 3 during the day. 2 x women’s and 1 mens match

Yeah it was 3. They are going to start the tournament on a Sunday for the 2024 edition to compensate.

Extra day in the tournament but day sessions on the main courts down from 3 to 2 in order to ensure that the night sessions start on time every time to avoid those really late finishes.

There was an announcement about this a week or so back.

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Wonder if they have dropped the prices for one less match on RLA…

If both matches are straight sets, that could be nearly wrapped up around 2-3pm, especially if they’re early round floggings

apparently the ticket prices are still outrageous.

Ons Jabeur donated the prize money from a tournament to a charity for Palestine people.
She stated that this was not a political gesture, it was for humanitarian assistance.

And how much will actually get to the people?

Depends which charity I suppose.
If it goes to an international NGO, it can support their operations in Palestine, including building/ rebuilding hospitals or towards those who have relocated, those in refugee camps, injured evacuees
Or maybe flash appeals by the UN humanitarian agencies, including those which have run out of money to pay local staff.
Most governments, including Australia and the US, have recently donated financial aid through the UN humanitarian agencies and NGOs such as the ICRC