The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 1) - #10013 by Finding_Nino.

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I love that accent.


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Never ceases to amaze me how often professionals ■■■■ up the overhead smash.

Nadal has been in trouble a few times but always finds a way to win

What a player

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If there is one thing tennis can take from NK it’s the speed of play. At this point his game was finishing the third set.

What a rally

Popyrin going into a fifth.


Rafa takes the second 6-4 6-3

Love that man Rafa

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Oh ■■■■

Well well well. Broken back to love.

Rafa didn’t look great, let’s hope he is just warming up to it.

Good win by Kubler over the seeded Pom in straight sets

Just an unbelievable will to win - love Rafa’s mindset


Rafa often takes a few rounds at the slams to warm up. Fingers crossed.

As if anyone is going to beat Rafa.

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I like Kyrgios but did he really have a tantrum in a game against a nobody qualifier? Come on mate

Serena loses first round and not one comment lol.

Shows that it’s basically what the tennis public expect nowadays given her age and part time status.

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I love lawyers, but do they really need to dress up as nurses? Come on mate.

Nobody is brave enough to admit theyre happy to see her out.

The woman who beat her had never played on grass prior to this year. OOF.