The Tennis thread


It’s really difficult now, because whenever this sort of thing hits it becomes all you can find.

But I did take a look around about twelve hours ago, and to my not surprise there were plenty.
It really is not difficult to not portray her…like that.

But here’s one.



At the end of the day Serena is a great champion of the game. She can have her unsaoury moments nut thats her for better or worse.


How the ■■■■ can anyone look at that caricature and NOT think it’s racist? Give me strength.

Take your white privileged male glasses off for 5 seconds please.


Hoist that flag a little bit higher… Just higher than the next guy.


What is it that you don’t get about racism and male White priviledge


Oh, somebody’s signalling harder… better up the game.


Bwahahaha Ramos has been given the role as chair umpire of the US Croatia Davis Cup. Nice trolling ITF!


I am sure as a privileged white male you can teach us all about racism.


or virtue signalling


Not sure that’s a great example. The cartoon is mocking some guy called Wilson. The tennis player is generic/interchangeable. In most cartoon styles, the ‘background’ person is drawn generically, the mocked person is the one that’s lampooned by (usually) both image and words. Have a look at the depiction of Wilson. Thin neck, goggly eyes etc.

Plenty of cartoons when I was growing up depicted Macenroe as a baby with mouth bigger than his body, frizzy hair to the moon, dummy bouncing out.

I guess the point is that mocking people by both image and words is pretty much what cartoonists do. I can understand that some think you need to be more careful in some areas, but I find that dangerous too.

If you can mock a Macenroe or John Howard or julia Gillard by exaggerating their features, then it shouldn’t be necessarily inherently racist to depict someone unflatteringly because they happen to be black.

Male I am, privileged - maybe (not like serena though!). White -well you decide- half Chinese and half Italian, growing up in the 60s and 70s in totally white bread (initially country) communities - I had a bucketful of racism directed at me. When kids snigger and mock when they see your dad, or gather round and point at you singing ‘Ching Chong chinaman’ you get a certain sensitivity to actual racism. I just dislike when that card gets pulled in a way that looks for offence.



Maybe the problem here is that people simply don’t understand caricature.


Under the current rules doping is illegal, hence it should be enforced, but they will not touch a money spinner (unless they’re Russian). Williams at this time is most likely breaking the rules. Seeing as there are too many conflicts of interest to police it properly, I believe doping should be legal. If a player wants to turn into a man or risk dying, then that’s their problem. I don’t see how this made my post lose credability. …


Can all privileged white males please refrain from commenting on the aforementioned cartoon.

Only those who are…. <fill in the blank> are allowed to comment.



Honestly you do realise the only people who speak like this are absolute delusional fkwits off the internet?




yep - agree.


Black people have a long history of being depicted like that in cartoons as a pretty openly racist form of mockery.

I doubt it was intended to be racist, but this cartoon was always going to conjure up a pretty nasty past and upset a lot of people, particularly in the US where issues of race are still very real and very raw. If the Herald Sun had an ounce of awareness and cultural and historical sensitivity, it would not have published it, or at least drawn it in a way that prevented these comparisons.


I’m not getting into the privelage Or the virtue signalling stuff (other than to say that I think some things aren’t racist that others do, Australia Day is good example there, and I couldn’t care less where on the virtue ladder people see me).

But you do make a good point about the first/second panel thing.
Interestingly, I saw a cartoon comparing McEnroe to Williams.

As I said, before this blew up I was able to find several depictions of Williams that were critical of her without making her look that way.
I was hoping to post three or four, but it wasn’t to be.


I’ve already told you, I have a daughter.


I think this is pretty much it.

Its too easy to draw comparisons, in which case, caricature or not, the drawing should have been reconsidered.