The Tennis thread


Yeah wasnt suggesting you were on about the privileged white male business, but some are. I reckon anyone is entitled to a view on anything and we can debate the merits of the arguments from there.


This has all been a great learning experience for young girls everywhere.

Complain about not receiving the same pay as men, even if you’re not doing the same amount of work.

Complain about not being able to wear certain clothing, because an event you’re being paid to compete in doesn’t like it.

When you do something blatantly wrong and someone calls you on it, start behaving like a petulant child. Scream at the top of your lungs “SEXISM”, you literally don’t need to be accountable for your actions at all.


personally i just think its been a bit of a reality check… for everyone

  • not say anything at all, and nuffies on internet forums with Hitler avatars will blame you anyway.


You know better than that IT. While in my travels, I have been racially abused for being white, it has had little effect on me as my upbringing as a being a superior white male takes over. Try as hard as you like , you cannot put yourself in the shoes of the abused and oppressed.

My Son married a lovely lass from Arnhem Land, they have two lovely kids and until spending time with her doing everyday stuff like shopping, I failed to understand anything about racial abuse. I saw some truly disgusting behaviour by priviledged white males, who like most of us privileged white males, probably had no idea they were being abusive and racist prikks.

So IT, my Daughter-in-law and Grand-kids can teach me about racism; I have never had a clue. And if you do not think that that cartoon was not a racist slur then they could teach you a few things as well.


How could I blame her for something, if she didn’t do them? I am admonishing her for the things she has done. You seem to be confused.

It appears you don’t understand humour in a photo either. That’s good, you will enjoy the last day or so of posting.

I’m going back to work. Have fun stimming.


Oh, I see.
Hitler is funny.
Silly me.


Absolutely nothing about your post there can be challenged.

However surely you can see that white fellas speaking on behalf of the oppressed about how they may/may not/should feel is a bit silly? (I’m talking in general, not about this specific bizzo)


ITT white man has a go at white man for being a white man and not being truly woke to the fact that he is a white man

and are people who arent privileged white males allowed to have an opinion on “male white privilege” because they arent privileged white males, or is white male privilege only something that white privileged males are allowed to talk about, because only they are the ones that truly understand it

the whole thing is just stupid


I must have grown up in a different world because I never had the upbringing of being a superior white male.

Let me expand a little:

I haven’t received a single job because I am white. No doors have opened for me, I have gained nothing I have by being white. If being white was a privilege to me then I have missed out big time. I have had to work hard, learn a lot, grow as a person and be persistent to have any of what I have (which actually isn’t very much). I have lost out on jobs to “people of colour” (geez I hate that term) because they were better than me.

I am not saying racism doesn’t happen, I am not saying that people of different races haven’t faced difficulty, what I am saying is, this whole “white privileged” thing is not really very correct. Socio-economic might be more relevant.


This thread is proof that the whole world has gone ■■■■■■■ bonkers. All of it!!!


Not saying this about you, just what you wrote.
I don’t know you.

And while I don’t wholly subscribe to the whole privilege thing, I think there’s something to it.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that part of the whole privilege argument is that you’re not necessarily even aware of it.
It’s just normal to ‘you.’


You’re right. Serena seems completely unaware of how privileged she is.


Yeah I expanded a bit more


You have a point.
Part of privilege is how much your voice is heard, and Williams certainly has a louder megaphone than most.
That’s absolutely valid.

But another part of privilege is how easily you can be…sigh this isn’t really my field…how easily your voice can be dismissed.

Now I personally don’t agree with Williams’ behaviour, and I don’t agree with Diggers on that, but I do think her voice has been dismissed pretty friggin’ easily.

Trying to keep the incident and the cartoon separate.


I think what he is saying IT is that while a lot of us white males (not sure if you are - doesn’t matter though) didn’t ever get abused for being white when we grew up, so never felt guilty or depressed or scummy for it. So if, for example, an Asian calls me a “round-eyed prick” I’d probably just laugh it off.

Anyway, as for the privileged thing, I was brought up being told I should consider myself very lucky for everything I had going for me. 2 working parents, a stable home, education & employment opportunities, living in Australia rather than a war-torn country etc.

I was also brought up to give ALL PEOPLE a fair go.

But I think political correctness is getting out of hand, when you can’t criticise someone for something that has nothing to do with their colour/race/sex/background/etc.

Serena should apologise. I’m happy to hear her story, about what drove her to lose her cool, etc, and I’d like for her to get her point across, but she’s blaming the umpire for her past, she should apologise.


Without wanting to be too provocative, I’d suggest to you that neither have you ever Not got a job because you’re white.

I’d suggest this isn’t the case at least for some people who are not white.


Yeah and i said racism is a problem, I agree, never said it wasn’t. I was more having go at the stupid white privilege crap that gets bandied around as though being white gave me everything. It didn’t and it hasn’t for a very large amount of whites. It probably does for some but labelling all of something is really the same thing as what we are being accused of. It isn’t helpful and it isn’t fully correct and it further drvies wedges that are not helpful for resolving issues.

Discrimination happens to quite a lot of people. The amount of people who don’t get jobs simply because they have tatts (although that’s at last dropping), or because of a hair cut or clothing choices, or because of a criminal past.

It is worse for those that are Indigenous in Aus and that needs to be dealt with strongly imo.


It’s not about the things you could have had. It’s about the struggles you didn’t have to go through at any stage.

For instance you got a pretty good education that you (personally) didn’t have to pay for. That’s a fairly decent head start over about 90% of humans born around the same time you were.



Just becuase doors didn’t open for you being white doesn’t mean your not privileged. Doors were t slammed shut in your face for being brown,female or gay.