The Tennis thread


Less so in Aus though. Colour of your skin does not stop you getting a free education in Aus.


You’ve hit the nail on the head.

My initial thoughts were that people would find this racist.

Having read now about how they were similarly historically portrayed in the US in similar ways which were openly racist I cringe that the Herald Sun let it go to print.

Whether Knight did it intentionally or not only he knows. Id be shocked if he didn’t know the history being in the profession he is.


No I am privileged because I was born in Australia, not because i am white.


Privilege is a really unfortunate word to label what people are talking about, because it makes people think about wealth and things being gifted to them, so a lot of people react to it with ‘well, that’s not me. I wasn’t born rich. I’ve struggled. I’ve worked for what I have.’

So of course people are going to bridle against it.

It’s why people get upset about ‘I don’t see colour.’
Their point of view is that you’d better damn well see colour.
They’re not blaming you for their circumstances, but they are asking you to acknowledge them.
Things like, the petty cash is short. And no-one’s saying anything, but we all know the black guy probably took it.
Things like this, that white people dont see and have never had to deal with…that’s what they’re talking about.



Are you looking to try and understand/learn something here, or do you just want to have a whinge about how tough life is?


No, it’s Blitz, you don’t come here to learn things, that’s what Wiki is for.


Didn’t they grow up in Compton?


She wouldnt have lived there for at least 20 years.


it’s not really true to say all australians have the same opportunities.

There’s groups within australia with horrendously worse results in just about every measurable outcome- life expectancy, healthcare, education, earnings, etc etc.

Well, one group, anyway.


That’s not really how privilege works.
She grew up in a shithole. Her talent and ability and hard work (and that of her sister and old man) got her out of there.
That’s not privilege.
Privilege is never having had to live somewhere like that in the first place.


shes lived in what the overwhelming majority would consider extreme privilege for nearly two decades. Surely there comes a point?


I did say that tbf. Indigenous Aussies are by far the most poorly treated Aussies around. And it should disgust all Aussies that this takes place.


Absolutely. Must’ve missed it earlier.
And anyone who thinks they don’t get looked at differently, to this day, is not living in the same world I am.


It covers a lot of things.
It’s often misused.
And it’s very vague, especially when it comes to having a voice.

Oprah. Black, I’m gonna just assume poor background, abused as a child, prooooobably gay, think she lost a job for being black early on…more money than God and one of the most influential people on the planet.

Do I need to check my privilege when we’re talking about Oprah?
Not sure I do.


Just had an argument on Twitter with a woman regarding Ash Barty saying that they cut short the presentation of the women’s doubles title that she won so that they could start preparation for the Men’s Singles Final. Again this was used as a sexist argument/ example, however I responded that it wasn’t sexist, simply that nobody gives a ■■■■ about doubles tennis. Again the “privileged white male” line got used. Clearly I should refrain from ever voicing my opinion and just be greatful of what an affluent life I had growing up in Chirnside Park in a working class family, whose parents worked ■■■■■■ hard to put my brother and I through school, put food on the table and make ends meet.

PS: That cartoon is not racist.


I think there does come a point, but since she was reduced to a race rather than a person in a publication with a pretty large readership, it would seem that even she hasn’t reached it.


People can overcome ■■■■■ circumstances, I don’t think it means it never existed. It just means you’ve beaten the system.

Thought experiment. Other end of the spectrum - would you consider Jack Elliott to not be a rich, privileged prick when he went bankrupt??


I’m not sure I understand the premise.
I have pretty much always thought Elliott was a boorish tool.

Not trying to be difficult.

For my own part, I’ve been trying to think of black people that I don’t really think of as black.

Eddie Murphy. Bill Cosby. Ummm…

May mean something, may mean nothing.

Edit: Oh! You mean did I still think of Elliott as rich when he went bankrupt?
Of course. Rich people go bankrupt and it doesn’t affect them. Bond, Trump, Skase.
Bankruptcy is just a rich persons get out of jail free card.

Edit: edit: Heh. That was supposed to be a euphemism, but…no, literally.


A friend of mine grew up on the northern beaches of sydney. Very very much old money. Daughter of a professor at USyd.
Some other girl at her (very exclusive) high school said “my daddy isn’t rich, he’s only got a 3 series”.

It’s all a matter of perspective.





a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

Nothing in that caricature has been added to make her look more racial stereotyped or anything other than normal style as described in the definition. Yes there is a history in caricature of depicting blacks like that just as there is a history of depicting all races, genders & creeds. Its the style of drawing FFS. It would be like calling sepia photos racist because they don’t show a persons true colour or saying cubism is offensive to people who suffer facial deformations.