The Tennis thread


Yep. That’s what I was trying to get at. To try and work out whether privilege ever really goes away - cos I don’t think it does. It’s a part of your person. How much would John Elliott have to ■■■■ the bed before he really stopped getting opportunities, invitations and investors? He went bankrupt at least once, and the tap seems to be going.

And if that’s the case, I think being underprivileged might be the same. Or at least it may well feel like that.

Very, very off topic here.


I disagree and so do many others.
I accept that you don’t see it that way, and I’m not judging.
But I see a caricature based on race, pure and simple.


loooooooool you idiot


Then why did you post an example of a cartoon as a counter point? That highlighted pretty clearly to me that you didn’t understand the difference. Can you point out a single feature of the particular caricature that you believe is race based as opposed to subject based? Can you suggest a way to separate a persons race from their appearance in order to keep with the style of caricature?


This is not Serena Williams.
I’m sorry, but it’s just not.


I know. Tennis is a sport exclusively for privileged wnkers anyway so the whole discussion is moot.


The tantrums are the only thing that makes it even vaguely watchable.


No it’s not.
It’s a caricature.



You thought I was suggesting it was a photo?
Thanks for your contribution.


Again you show no understanding of what caricature is. No that is not Serena Williams - its a caricature of her just as the examples I poster earlier are. All have similar features & exaggerations in keeping with the style of drawing. If it was simply a portrait of her as accurately as possible it wouldn’t be a caricature.


Btw this is not Serena Williams either but I’m going to assume you know who it is even though its got similar exxagerations




Not really. ordinary battlers go bankrupt all the time, in that case it is truly a potential get out of jail free card.
Anyone can go bankrupt


And if rather than isolate one aspect in close up, you show the whole thing, it is most definitely Serena.


Take the tennis gear and the headband away and I might struggle.

jfc…I know what caricature is.
My point, one of them, is that this cartoon does Not exagerate Serena’s features.
It is Not a caricature of her.
It is unfuckingrecognisable as her.

It’s a savage put in a tennis setting.
And it’s offensive and it’s as ugly as ■■■■ and it is Not Serena Williams.


You’ll be shocked to hear this, but I actually don’t find the rest of it offensive.


So you agree you need the context to work out who it is.


So who is this.

Its all been anticipated many years ago.


Paul Keating.
By someone who can draw, apparently.


Its pretty clear that to criticise Islam, one must be Islamic, to criticise an African American woman, one must be an African American woman, to criticise your wife, you need to have a spare bed in your man cave.


Political correctness has only meant you can’t rely on lazy, cheap stereotypes for lazy, cheap laughs.
It hasn’t stopped anything good, thoughtful, or clever being done.

Just no more Bullpitt or Love Thy neighbour or “look at this big angry savage in Serena’s clothes”.

Which is a bad thing, apparently.