The Tennis thread


The only thing that I don’t think represents her is the face. The outfit, hair, even to a degree the exaggeration of size. But the face isn’t even a caricature of her in any shape or form imo. If I saw just the face close up like someone did earlier, i wouldn’t guess it was Serena. Put it all together though and i know it is her they are referencing.

I think Mark Knight could have done a better job and still made his point about the dummy spitting.


I wonder what it’s like to have the mindset where a drawing of a black person in a Sambo style doesn’t register with you as being racist

■■■■ me, some people have such a blinkered view of reality, with no notion of context or the ability to empathise with someone who has a different experience of the world to them.

If an entire community (and pretty much everyone else on top of that) finds something racist, then it’s probably racist, and no amount of ignoring the history and black and white relations will change that.


The vast majority of caricatures in this collection are of white anglo saxon christian males

Which is appropriate, I suppose since white anglo saxon christian males have controlled Australia since 1788


So, again, without wanting to seem aggressive, you’re saying it’s not a caricature of Williams.

Do…I dunno…I’m a little thrown by some of the arguments here, but do I need to point out that that’s the part people are upset about?


No I think it is but I don’t think it is a good one, I think it was designed to play on stereotypes and I don’t actually agree with that.

As I said, he could have done it differently and still made his point very clearly and with less controversy. But therein lies the issue, controversy is what it was about and it succeeded.



Its a get out of jail free card for basically anybody who doesnt think they will need to borrow money. Rich, poor, in the middle, doesnt matter. Its going to become an even better prospect in a few years when the period of bankruptcy gets reduced to 1, as opposed to three years.


Maybe the problem here is that sambo was a form a caricature hence why people cannot distinguish it now. Its a bit like when a young boy paints his face to look like his hero Naitanui some people are unable to differentiate that from blackface used in a different time country & for a difference race of people. KFC used images of the touring West Indian teams supporters to promote its sponsorship of cricket & sell more chicken but some people couldn’t differentiate that from a stereotype unfamiliar to this country where Africans plus chicken is seen as a racist association. I honestly still don’t really get that one even after living in the US. Australia has more KFC’s per capita than any other country plus fried chicken is delicious - whats the negative? People who want to find offence will find it.


Or, maybe some people find offence in some things and not others.
I agree with you on the West Indian KFC thing.
That was a US cliche about African Americans and completely displaced in criticism about characterisiation of Not African Americans that Australians at the time pretty much greatly respected.

I don’t agree that putting a sambo face on a tennis player and putting it in Australia’s biggest tabloid is okay.

This isn’t an all or nothing thing.


Isolate the face of the ‘acceptable’ serena in the Wilson cartoon (no tennis dress, no racquet) and ask 10 random people to identify her. I’ll have 10 bucks on zero.

The face in the knight cartoon is unflattering. It’s meant to be a toddler/baby tantrum. The features are exaggerated - that’s what cartoonists do.


Good caricatures make the subject instantly recognisable


I’ve never understood the connection either.

Typically it’s the intent of the message and the language surrounding it that sets off the dog whistle.

The KFC ad didn’t do any of that. The “outage” was people speaking on behalf of groups they are not a part of. But that was an exception that proves the rule I guess.


You’re right. KFC does rule.


I reckon the comic is just ■■■■ in general, regardless of whether its a caricature.

also is that the image that got diggers going on about naomi being white?

you’re ■■■■■■■ blind diggers.


No. It’s a caricature of Serena Williams.

I’m sorry, but it really is.

She happens to be a large woman and she happens to be black. And she happens to have behaved on this occasion like a petulant spoiled child.

How else should a cartoonist portray her? As white? Slim? Graceful?


as a pair of scissors

right @Diggers?


It’s gomsmacking how people live to find outrage in everything these days. It’s sinply not racist and I feel sorry for anyone who believes it is, because they must live to be constantly offended…


She also looks like, you know, Serena Williams.

Unlike the picture.


You do know that if you’re constantly offended, one day you’ll wake up and be stricken with loneliness.


So you saw the cartoon and didn’t know who that person was?

Yeah. Right.