The Tennis thread


This is the worst Aus Open in some time.


If Rafa and Novak stay fit they could be playing the final of all 4 slams this year. They’re miles ahead of everyone else.

The next generation just refuses to challenge them seriously.

I reckon Rafa may as well miss pretty much every other tournament. Just okay the slams


if you think someone could challenge novak right now, i’ve got news for you buddy.


True. And I’m getting so tired of seeing the same heads finaling in nearly every bluddy tournament.

Feels like they’ve been around forever.

This,… along with lack of a Aussie having a proper crack, slower rebound courts and lack of serve volley, and a seeming dearth of characters, of the Bagdahtis ilk, and or wildcards coming out of nowhere, as well as the grunting and/or squeaking, has really diminished my love for Tennis over the past decade.

Was a time I would be glued to it every night, and I barely tune in these days.


Maybe they’re just not good enough. I think everybody has taken for granted that these two would drop off. Certainly doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.


Tennis has gone the way of cricket.

Too many flat wickets.

They need to change the surfaces up like they used to be and bring back the faster balls.

Sick of baseline slugfests.


I must be in the minority but the prospect of two absolute champions - each in unbelievable form - playing each other in the final is an excellent prospect and I certainly will be tuning in.


Two of the greatest champions facing off in another final. Can’t wait.


Tennis is changing so much but one thing stays constant, that being Amelie Mauresmo still looks like a man.


look i hate rafa, but you cannot deny that him vs djoko is basically gonna be match of the tournament


Well, the final would have to be after two of the most one sided semis of all time.


get rid of the tiebreak ■■■■. i want a 9 hour match


I don’t like either player, but i can’t wait to watch the final. It will be a cracker


This is the final I wanted, I can’t wait for it!


I fancy Nadal in this final, but Joker is the one player who can beat Nadal in the French Open.


Posted last week that Stosur should focus on doubles and then she wins the women’s doubles title - Stosur has always been a top 5 doubles player, though this has played a backseat to her singles ambitions in the last few years - Now that her singles form is waning, she should focus on doubles - She is capable of winning A Grand Slam doubles title for each of the next three or four years.


you’re ae right nostradamus, pity no one cares about doubles.


Feel like this women’s final has already gone longer than the men’s SF.


3 break points down then and Naomi-chan ripped 5 consecutive points to hold her serve. Good match thus far.


Wonderful first set by both ladies. A few decent rallies. Osaka wins the first set tiebreaker (7-2) to take the first set.