The Tennis thread


She’s getting her mojo back. It’s on.


Imperative that she hold here.


This has probably been said before, but the commentary from these people is unbearable. They never shut up. They talk while the players are hitting the ball.


Too busy enjoying the fact that I’m watching a great match of Womens Tennis and I’ve nay heard a squeak between them, … it’s fantastic.


Cmon Kvitova. Complete your fairy tale.


Osaka has got herself back solid mentally, …


I think Osaka will be a champion for years to come. But Petra getting this would just be perfect.


Zen, dude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You may not focus on doubles but it’s important for some players - It doesnt change the fact that Stosur is a quality doubles players - And it’s a pity that such a successful player is criticised in this forum.


Who cares yaco




Well dont respond to my post - And this is a discussion forum. - Anyway it’s good to two women with strong serves who can win free points which usually makes for a better spectacle.


Kvitova won that game just like she won the game from 0-40 at 5-3 last set. Big serves and some great forehands. Osaka choked after that but credit has to go to Kvitova for winning those two games, not osaka losing them.


Wtf is she doing?


Come on Osaka, serve it out.


Here we go, … will she, … won’t she??? :hushed:


Wonderful match. Respect to both ladies.

Naomi-chan. Omedetou! 2nd slam & new #1.


40 love, … I can’t look!!

Got it!!


Good stuff!


Molik, stop yelling.