The Tennis thread


Tooonayte, Iylee be eeetin gloooten free dahmplings


Great to see all the criticism of Tony Jones. He’s in my top 3 most disliked journos


Djokovic to overtake Sampras tonight, where’s @Diggers?






wtf, how does anyone return those? and like that?


I’ve never seen a Nadal forehand swing and miss, Novak is ALL over him early.


These aren’t rallies they’re ■■■■■■■ slogs.




This will be over in 3. Novak unstoppable


Nadals hardest hit that rally had no grunt. Fraud.


Imagine playing Rafael Nadal in a grand slam final and losing one point on your serve in a set.

Joker is playing off his d!ck but Nadal does not look himself. His forehand is nowhere.


Joker all over Nadal at the moment.


Novak is the greatest male tennis player ever. Its just a matter of time before he overtakes Federer.




Nadal just doesn’t have an answer at the moment.


Wait until he overtakes him first


Double break.

Rafa will have to come from 2 sets down to win this




Novak will take over fed and nadals records. No competition and those 2 will retire soon