The Tennis thread


Dull tournament

Least interesting I can remember for years.


Mens side of the draw was disappointing. Especially the semis and the final.


Novak going to get an Uber eats delivery during victory speech?


Past Sampras, Pure destruction.


get the grand slam novak.



Unless Rafa is injured it won’t happen. Novak could win 3 majors this year though


@Diggers is feeling the heat…won’t be GOAT for long…


Its all over, time to resume being ■■■■■■ off at cricket australia and langers.


Cost me USA $20 for a nine hour flight from Melb to HK - Flying on a Cathay Pacific A350 - Good value.


and not long until I lose it in the first game of AFL after that…what a time to be alive.


Federer should retire and offer to coach Kyrgios.

Kyrgios is the only one who could challenge these two over the next few years


Did we really need Guy Sebastian to serenade Novak off the court?


Kyrgios is currently a million miles away the big two.


So is everyone else


I’m surprised EFC didn’t try some kind of cringey #bartyparty promotion during the tennis.


She’s a Richmond fan



Nonsense. Kyrgios, even if he was at his best, would struggle to break in to the top 10.


And the worst thing about him is that he repeats every one of those fu.cking obvious things three times.