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Yeah, … he’s like the Shane Warne of tennis commentary …:smirk:



He has made it as high as 13 without a coach or a professional attitude towards training.

I think he’s the most talented guy on the tour not named Federer, Djokovic or Nadal.


Pity he’ll never contend though. Regardless of how much talent he has.


I agree.

I have been a huge fan for a long time but I have moved on also.

It’s a shame because I do think if he had a professional regime from when he started he would be competing with these guys now if not taking over.


Really - Kyrgios is ranked 68 in the world - Continue in this vein of form for the next 6 months and he’ll be following the Tomic path of playing challenger events.


So who are the guys that can realistically challenge then?


I don’t even think he’s at their level.

Nadal and Djokovic will dominate the next couple of years at least if they don’t suffer any more injuries.

In fact I think just Djokovic.

He will set himself for the French and then do a calendar slam this year.


Is the Del Portro injured again??

No I can’t google


I have been critical of Zverev’s performances in Grand Slams, especially seeing he can beat these guys in Masters 1000 and the end of season Masters championship - He is a chance, though I’m hardly holding my breath.

Players like Coric, Thiem, Khachanov, Tsipaitas are all some chance of winning a slam in the future - And you have to remember that Nadal and Djokovic will eventually decline in performance.

The thing that is right in your post is that on a perfect day is Djokovic can beat Nadal in the French Open - Will add that too many are writing off Nadal on the back of last night’s performance - Nadal barely played after Wimbledon in 2018 and not after the 2018 US Open - So the Aussie Open was his first tournament in 4 months.


Nadal will definitely fight back but I can’t see him doing it on any other surface than clay. And I think Djokovic will win that.

We are currently going through a poor era of tennis. The big two should be getting challenged by the mid 20 age group but there are nine good enough.

We now have to wait a couple more years for the 19-21 year olds to challenge when Djokovic and Nadal will be on walking frames.

By then maybe both will usurp federers grand slam total.


Nadal definitely, and most likely Joker will not enjoy Fed-like longevity at the top, as that is freakish and once in a generation. Within 2 years Zverev will be playing Tsitsipas in a slam final, or some other wunderkind.
Kyrgios refuses to work on his weaknesses with a coach (and he has quite a few) or train hard enough to compete physically and mentally for 2 long weeks, so he is not capable of challenging in a slam unless that changes quickly.


Tsitsipas dismantled Federer in a way not too many players have been able to. I reckon in another year he’ll be winning slams.


He’s definitely a challenger.

One of very few that can challenge because he doesn’t just play off the baseline.


Nadal does not lose at the French Open, he is the greatest clay court player in history by so far it is not funny. He is 86 and 2 at the French.

Even after last night, he has to be favourite if he is fit.


Actually Shapalov is a chance to win a Grand Slam - Be a consistent top 10 player or even top 15 and you are a chance to win a slam.


Zverev actually has a game style that can trouble Djoker, can flatten out winners off both wings.

Why he can’t play Slams is anyones guess, but Lendl has serious form as a coach and he has time on his side.


Rankings, after the Australian summer.

De Minaur up to 28

Millman 36

Edben 45

Thompson 60

Kyrigos 66

Tomic 85

Popyrin 124

Bolt 129

Kokkinakis 133


Yep, if he is fit and healthy Novak won’t be any match on clay but Rafa won’t beat him anywhere else.
Novak has plenty of years left and will fly past Federer


Looking at the “next generation” of players (under 22)
Zverev is 4
Tsitsipas at 12
Shapovalov at 25
De Minaur at 28
Tiafoe at 30
Fritz at 40


I don’t think he will fly past Federer. Another five slams is alot. Think he will get close or equal it, but will not get way past it.

His style of play is almost as brutal as Nadal. The body can only hold up so long.

Someone will rise up, and challenge. Also injuries and things can happen like surprise losses.


I don’t think so, i think its even less intensive than murray, hes just a natural freak that gets away with things.