The Tennis thread


Important hold


mixed bag game there. Good hold in the end
Barty a bit lucky, bit off the boil at moment
6:1 2:0


Vondro finally holds her serve
Barty could easily break it again. Vondro has to get aggressive.
6:1 2:1


Great solid serving game holds
6:1 3:1


Nice easy game for Ash


Come on, Ash! You can do it! 3 more games.


weird sloppy game Vondro holds.
6:1 3:2


Barty just mastering this match, just needs to keep it solid


wow slice drop shot winner for game
6:1 4:2
kill her off


Barty keeping the pressure on the backhand, good variation as well, mixing it up nicely, and as taken Vondrousova’s main weapon, the forehand, out of the calculations.


Vondro holds on
6:1 4:3
Wonder when Vondro starts to ignore her unforced errors and starts to take some risks
Keep the serve solid Barty


If she can just hold here, she’ll break her for the title. If not - will make it interesting.


Can anyone send me a dodgy link to watch this via PM? Thx.


and holds with a solid service game
6:1 5:3


Barty with a very solid service game. Vondro is completely overwhelmed, nervous as…


Try this.

hit the one that says 75% (top left of the 4.)

In French, but … meh. Good qual|93191|812909|1190229|258|4|en


Vondro doing everything to be broken


1 point away from a 1st major!!!


Ashleigh Barty 2019 French Open Champion!!!



Bluddy good girl. Well done Ash!!