The Tennis thread


I was meaning i’d Be surprised if he’s second in most people’s eyes. Certainly not mine.
It’s interesting to watch his matches due to the unexpected, but i’m never watch these days with the expectation that he’ll win.

In terms of hoping for or expecting results he’s well down on my list now. I’ve given up on him ever becoming a good player.


Hopefully some other Aussie male players are coming through the ranks. Now is the perfect time with the big 3 in the twilight of their careers. There is going to be a massive vacuum when they all finish so let’s home there are some Aussies to step up


Kyrgios is still loved by a lot of kids in this country and there are still a lot of us out there that hope the penny will drop with him.

The reality is that men’s tennis in Australia is as weak as it’s ever been and Kyrgios is the only male player that has the talent to compete with the best. His record against the best players speaks for itself.

Like you though I just don’t think he has the professionalism to ever be anything more than a threat.

I’m not really somebody cares too much about whether they are Australian or not though. If I had the choice of watching Federer or Kyrgios I would choose Fed every day.

I just like watching good tennis and of all our tennis players only Kyrgios can produce it.

I do like the look of Popyrin though and hope he can continue to develop.


She is a gem. A humble, introverted, shy, educated, respectful, super talented winner. Now lit’s time to find an Aussie male tennis player with those qualities.


de minaur.


Maybe they should take a year off and not come back at all. Works for me…


So happy for her. Huge win.
My 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son both play tennis. Barty’s Win has been massive for my daughter. Really inspirational.


Barty has a well-rounded game - Interesting that a survey of tennis coaches in October 2018 which rated the top 3 players in a variety of categories including technique, mental strength and physical conditioning had Barty feature strongly in a number of the technique categories - Which suggests the coaches know something !

Forget about Kyrgios - His training standards can be likened to a footy player in a low-level suburban competition playing AFL - It doesn’t work.




Nadal in beast cheat mode - why is he allowed to get away with delays between points?


Standard of this match is crazy atm


Can Thiem maintain this intensity though or will it turn into fizzer like last year?


Break point. Cmon Thiem!


Super game from Thiem.




Three break points. Fark off.


Back at ya Thiem


Thiem’s recovery is amazing, if he can keep this up we may see an epic. Rafa looks a little more concerned than normal


Thiem is standing so deep in the court against Rafa, but seems to be working so far.


He has been amazing so far. Rafa doing well to go with him