The Tennis thread


In one post match interview, she used the first person pronoun, as in, ‘l played a smart game,’ not that it worried me, just saying that she mentioned ‘l’ in passing.


And just like that Rafa goes bang and it’s 5-3 serving for the set


I reckon that’ll be it from thiem. Rafa looks to have gone up a notch and is in beast mode whereas thiem was playing at 110% from the first shot.

Rafa brain will need to explode for thiem to win it from here imo


And there is the first set 6-3
Come on Rafa get the next one now


Rafa ramps up the pressure on Thiem, with 2 set points, and only needs 1.


Bad error from Rafa


Thiem has made an adjustment and not standing as far back but as a consequence he has hit everything long.


Both winning their serve easily so far this set


Game on!


Rafa with 3 unforced errors on his service game, gives Thiem a couple of well earned break points for the second set. Thiem outhits Rafa to take the second set. The second las point was a huge rally, top quality shot making.



For those on SBS is that Langford for the Wagner knee support thing?


Rafa hardly dropped a point on serve and then panicked to drop the set.
Surely Thiem’s luck runs out soon


If you are good enough, luck doesn’t matter.


He hit a couple of mis hits that on another day could have gone anywhere.
He does appear to have Rafa a bit rattled. Rafa needs to settle or he could get blasted away with Thiem’s power


Has to hold serve here.


Thiem goes through patches where he hits 3 or 4 in a row long and Rafa needs to take advantage


And Rafa breaks and looks mightily ■■■■■■ off.
Might see him lift a cog


Rafa has drop volleyed to perfection.


And the double break.
12 of the first 13 points and one of the commentators even said it looked like Thiem has poked the bear


Rafa picks the cross court reply from his own short ball, and plays a winer into the open court, to break Thiem again. He did a few fist pumps as a result, while Thiem would have been rattled.