The travel thread - elimination final

Thought it would be good to have a thread dedicated to people travelling for the game, anyone wanting to meet up for beers, accomodation tips ect

Il be looking for somewhere to stay, and somewhere that’s good for a drink before the game. Plus any recommendations for a pub to eat/drink at the Friday night when I’m there too

Was hoping to stay somewhere within walking distance but not too much around so might have stay in the CBD and cab it down

If your staying anywhere near a train station there’s a heap of buses they put on that go from central station to the ground

Uber/taxi from the city is totally fine unless it’s close to kick off then the traffic will suck

.your best best is to stay near Surry hills…heaps of decent pubs and walkable to the ground

The city is also walkable but there’s no nightlife in the cbd on Sat nigts and the walks a fair trek…3ks or something


I’m staying at the Cambridge in Surry hills. Looks like it’s walking distance to the SCG and few pubs around, good reviews and not stupid prices

I’ll be there and keen for a beer pre game.

100% keen for pre game beers, I noticed a Bavarian bier bar near the ground.

Might need to smash a few steins before the game to calm the nerves!

I’m up for a beer before the game. Doing a day trip - get in at 11am and leave at 10pm.

Can’t wait!

Also does anyone know if there is standing at the SCG?

No idea

Where’s decent that will have the footy on Friday night around town?

Plenty of bars in Surry Hills, its your best bet for a cheap air bnb for the weekend and its pretty much walking to the SCG.

Rest assured it will be full of Sydney supporters who are absolute c***s.

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Anyone else taking the Bomber Bus? $100 per ticket, leaves from Windy Hill at 11pm Friday night.

I am sure Stevie will be there

Is that $100 return??

If it is… even though bus travel is a bit of a pain, … it’s pretty good value.

Club subsidised maybe?? If so,… good on them.

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Im thinking of doing this with my mate.
11pm fri night leaves windy hill
Arrive SCG 10am
Leaves SCG 8pm
Arrive melb sunday 7am
Im pretty sure. $100 a bargain allbeit the travel.

I can fly up friday and fly back saturday night with tiger for about $200 return but il need to find accomodation added into that too.

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Sleeping is cheating!

There is and it was full of Essendon supporters giving sydney supporters leaving early a send off when we were 3 goals up with a couple of minutes left.

In the stand next to the scoreboard.

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If you’re not sleeping you’re eating


If you can do the bustrip you are truely deserving of a great bomber victory. Could not think of anything worse.

I’d take a train, maybe. But a bus would break me.


Used to love the bus trips in the old NSL days.
Was nothing better than getting on the Adelaide City club bus and travelling to Sydney or Melbourne. Playing Scopa and generally having a ball on the journey and geez if we won the amount of flares and crackers thrown out the window was outstanding lol