The truth (about the history of Blitz)

You lot wanna know the truth? Well here it fkg is. I’m done after this post. Mark my words, I’m fkg done. I won’t be back for a long time on this forum

I’ve had it. Sure, we played good footy today, for some of the game. Sure, a few calls didn’t go our way (says every one eyed supporter, ever) even though I know we did get the raw end. It wasn’t the difference. We stopped in the last with everything to play for

Pendlebury had 14 touches in the last. We were ahead, and had our season on the line. Who stood up for us in the last? Who made a stand?who wanted the Win? Who realised a loss spelt no finals? Who actually gives a fk about this club? Devon Smith actually embarrasses this playing group and club in half a season with how he goes about it and how driven he is. Do you all sleep content tonight knowing OUR club just laid down in the last quarter today with it all to okay for? I don’t, it’s fkn burning me alive. I have NEVER been so angry than I am right now over a loss!

Why this loss to go nuts over? Today spelled the end of our season for good. Il tell you why. It’s another year of under achieving. It’s another year of mediocrity. Its another year of the same players not being up to it. It’s anotber year of playing blokes like Myers, Colyer,Ambrose and Baguley who wouldn’t be best 22 at most clubs. It’s another year of making more history of the longest losing steak of a final. Reckon we can make it 16 years next year? Probably. We are spineless and cannot make hard calls

I’m fkn done. I’ve said this many times before. This time I’m serious. Sometimes it’s the smallest of losses in the grand scheme of things to push you over the edge. This is it. We have the worst culture of any club. It’s a culture that you all think is okay. How many more years do we need to go with this Finals losing steak befire you all get to actually realise how pathetically bad we are. 20? 25? When is YOUR tipping point? Mine is now. I’m hardly a fair weather supporter. I bleed this club. But there is only so much mediocrity one can take. We stand for nothing. We are pathetic

There’s a lot to be positive about this playing group. But the culture within this club is fkn dead. We are a nothing club anymore

How fkg long until YOU break? How long until YOU have had enough? Ask yourself that. There is zero light at the end of the tunnel. There always a excuse with this club



Ok see ya.


I’m sorry to hear you’re upset WOB. I feel ya my man, I really do.

I’ve been reasonably disengaged this year for a range of reasons. Not the least of which were our absolutely atrocious performances against the Dogs and Melb. It’s an odd feeling. But I’m not done. Not yet.

Today I thought we were alright, and were a tad unlucky / ran out of legs in the last against a pretty good side. But for you it’s more serious than that and I understand where you’re coming from.

Respect my good man. Go Dons


Hey I feel you pain WOB.
There just doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. I thought we may have turned things around last but then that embarrassing finals display has been followed up by once again going backwards. I honestly don’t think we are any closer to a finals win than what we were 15 years ago.

Pretty sad that we just rolled over in the last and allowed Pendles,DeGoey,Grundy run rampart none of our leaders stood up

After the last seven games, being five wins and two losses to the top two teams? WOB pls.

I should have quit the VFLW after the first seven games… I didn’t, and I had a good day.




Fkg lol

WOB is having a moment.

He’s a very good forum contributor, and he’s earned it I think.

Pull your farking head in


I’m just sick of the “potential” of this club.

Club needs to start delivering. I can’t believe Collingwood have gone through a rebuild since their grand final appearance and now are looking to do some damage in September.

Meanwhile we are the still on the hamster wheel peddling away.




Don’t agree.

We’re a much better team and a re 5-2 since turning things around losing only to the top 2 teams, playing all but one of those opponents above us on the ladder, with our best on-baller and best tall, AA forward missing for a large chunk of those games and faced the worst 3 game run of umpiring, at least statistically, that I have ever seen.

We’ve become more resilient, can win against good opposition on the road and have developed some real depth with some really good young talent in the wings.

Frustrated by today’s result - like all of us - but, being at the ground I could see how, from late in Q3, we were running out of petrol tickets due to injuries.

We’re on the way up and today was just a blip on that journey, in my view. Success is not guaranteed and a mountain of hard work - and a little overdue luck on the in jury and umpiring front - and we will challenge again over the next 2 seasons.


Tell me about it cant help but feel we will waste another bunch of talent.

Hooker wont be around much longer
Hurley is getting on

This whole farkin comp is a sham.

Just hang in there WOB, this is where the real supporters of the club prove their worth by sticking by them when things aren’t going so well no matter how long it takes for success to arrive, just ask the Tiger fans out there.

Remember how you felt after the Eagles game a few weeks ago? That feeling will come back again and when it happens more often in the future it’ll be all the more sweeter.

Just hang in there.

Maybe go down to the Tudor Rose or Bega Tavern (if it’s still around) and have a few quiet frothies mate to calm down.


I wouldn’t stress about Hooker and Hurley. I think the next flag we win will be when all the Saga people are gone.


As I posted on another thread I resent how well we are playing now and how poor we were for the first eight rounds. Pendelbery and DeGoe killed us in the final quarter but we still had our chances to win - we just were good enough when it mattered.
Yes we have well and truly stuffed up another season and the same could easily happen again next year.
Yes we need to be more ruthless with our list.
Yes we need to be more ruthless with our coaching staff.
I appreciate your rants
Don’t go

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Wait until we lose to GC next week, boy oh boy wow-wee


I’m hoping we win a flag while we still have heppel

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They pushed North for majoirty of the game must admit I’m nervey about this one they are probably due for a win and I hope it’s not against us

I hear what you’re saying but I’ve always worked on the concept that I will stick with the club through thick and thin.

Growing up, I was too young to have any real concept of the first two flags in my lifetime ('62 & '65) but I clearly remember the '68 GF and then the subsequent barren years of the 70’s…but I went to the game just about every week if I could…it didn’t matter what the weather was like or even how we played…I was supporting the team that I loved.

Then came the Sheedy era and sustained success which delivered four magnificent premierships and regular joy. My most outstanding football memory is that of me sitting in the Great Southern Stand on GF day in 1984 as we broke that terrible 19 year drought…such feelings of joy.

And now we’re in an extended period of disappointment where we just cannot seem to take the next step. Is it disappointing - yes, frustrating - yes, annoying as all ■■■■ - yes.

But do you know what…Essendon is still my team and I will continue to support it during these disappointing times, knowing that at some point in the future, our luck will change and success will return.

Disagree with me if you want, I don’t really care…my love and support for my club will not go away.