The truth (about the history of Blitz)


The record books show we lost the big one at home.


At the end of the day I just want what’s best for Essendon


I think I know what you’re saying. There’s more than meets the eye!


Do they ever?


Neither do u :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I would love a plan B for when our opponents but an extra player behind the ball. We have failed to adapt to this tactic for 10 years now. It’s why Freo always beat us in Perth even when rubbish and it’s how Collingwood got back into the match on Saturday.


A Club Sandwich says a lot about the quality of a hotel.

blitz, we are in trouble.


We’ve got a better track record interstate than the Tigers have this year.


I keep coming back for Dyer 'ere.


Judgement reserved until after this week’s game.


Theclubsanga is just a load of BLT.


…and a pickle short of a gurken face…u could help me out.


They also can execute plan A better and for longer than 7 weeks in the middle of the season after the season is shot to ■■■■.

When they can execute plan A each and every week season in season out, then they won’t need to worry.
Until then they shoulr be trialling everything to see what works and what doesnt.

Cos you can have the perfect gameplan, but if you dont have the players to execute it wont matter.


So basically you are saying the side should be learning (they have been), they side should be developing the players in different positions to trial what works and doesn’t (they have been) and the team needs to find consistency (which they have since the Bloos loss).

So you are fan of how Woosha and co are doing it after all. Sneaky of you to play like you hate him.


These posts are our lives, The Essendon Fans conundrum, you can oscillate either way on these points at any point of the day really and per millisecond on a game day…

Are we close to having a competitive list - or the cusp of a major new rebuild

Are we unlucky - or being ripped by the AFL stooge umpires, and targeted by their stooge media

Are we building to a gameplan - or poorly/stubbornly coached and always out strategised

Did we just lost out to the top two teams while showing great improvement - or are just no longer capable of being competitive on the big stage

Laying a club, list and culture foundation for the future - or still a 2 bit operation that choked ourselves in the early 2000s and then bought the saga upon ourselves in the teens

Cursed with injuries - or again employing dip ship training staff

Developing Francis slowly - or losing another tall to an opposition club for unders

Trying to engage our fans - or just still a money driven corporation

I feel caught in this, and I’m seeing many friends and family drift first away from footy generally first and then the EFC, other team fans I know that are still footy mad, want for me to care more again, so show sympathy (f-off)

A fan of the EFC is something else in this day and age (and that is not a good thing)

Would have been quicker to say “EFC, who the F knows”.


That goes for every farkin club, man you guys are off your farkin trees.


So many questions, so few question marks.


When it comes to the EFC, do we even need question marks anymore, ponder that!


Well, you need one in that sentence, for a start.


You sure!