The truth (about the history of Blitz)


And then you will complain about,

  • Why don’t we have a plan b

  • Why don’t the make changes

You know the things you learn through experiments.


You are right we don’t have a plan b

would like the coaching staff during the summer come up with a plan b when the oppsistion shut our run.


I reckon it would help you if you watched games a little differently, to see what’s happening in the big picture.


Goose wouldn’t know a Plan B if it jumped up out of his Cornflakes.


I’m liking what I’ve seen from the team the last few weeks just hope it continues into next year and beyond


nino, i think you need to lie down for a bit.

so highly strung, relax!


Some of us like the backdoor plan…less kids!


Just out of interest. Can anyone tell me what Richmonds Plan B is?

… yeah thought so


Their plan b is winning which just so happens to be plan a. That’s why they are the best.


Rance I thought it was a Pokemon coach.


Overrated umpires boys ffs!


That’s exactly right. None of the good sides have this mythical Plan B. They just have a robust, durable Plan A that they always find a way to execute.


Richmond have not won on the road this year!


@Theclubsanga are you ok? Or drunk?

Your posts aren’t making any sense.


For you @Preliminary_Point2 Richmond have not won on the road this year so even though they are on top how can they be the best ?


Becuase winning on the road doesn’t define best.

It can form part of your assessment sure, but there is a raft of things you look at surely.


You are talking to a club sandwich.


Richmond lost to crows in Adelaide
Richomnd lost to Port in Adelaide
Richmond lost to Eagles in Perth
Reasons suggest they lose GWS in Canberra

Ok ill whisper it in your ear Maybe its their plan b


Similar to our 2001 season yeah?
Were we the best?


If you’re on top of the ladder and don’t lose at the G then it doesn’t matter if you can’t travel.