The truth (about the history of Blitz)


The real question should be, who is your avatar? A late 70’s Yacht Rock producer.


You’ve quoted the wrong person.
I did not say what is quoted up there ^^^^
WOB said that.




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I’ll probably get in strife for saying it, but it’s actually a picture of a bloke who’s currently waiting trial charged over forming a sex cult and managed to bed a ridiculous amount of attractive ladies. I’m definitely not trying to show any admiration but can’t help but wonder how good this bloke must be with his chat and other cultish techniques considering what physically he had in his armoury.
Google Keith Raniere or Nexium. Scary stuff. And if you’re a smallville fan then his 2IC will be familiar.


Interesting. Reminded me of the lesser known Simon Kadwell case.


Nothing like this surprises me anymore.

Scientology continues to exist, . there are Psychic lines still on TV, … shows like the Block Love Island etc continue to be popular.

Some Humans are completely evil, and other Humans are fkn stupid, …that’s all there is to it.


Fair summary.



I was worried for a moment how acid reflux medicine was being abused…


Why is Dingus posting his crush from his younger days?


Welcome back WOB, good to hear you are in a good place.


Yeah I punched it in that way.
I’m sure he’ll be needing plenty of the other one when he’s lifing it with bubba.


Kenny Loggin’s…

I’ll get my coat.


Welcome back WOB!!!


Spot on. Abusive slinging really is a distasteful part of this forum


ha ha indeed.


Take it to the politics thread…or the US politics thread…or the Saga board…or the Climate Change thread…


More “stalked an umpire.”


laugh it up, fuzzball.