The truth (about the history of Blitz)


It’s a pity he did this to himself…


The best site on the interwebz used to be where folks could take and post snaps of everyday blokes who looked like Kenny Rogers.

After he surgerized himself in to oblivion they issued a regretful statement saying they were taking the site down because Kenny Rogers no longer looked like Kenny Rogers.

Tru and cool story, bro.

Edit: I have know idea where that link goes now, it’s blocked on my work PC.


My God!

Are you certain that’s him?


Sadly, 100%.

Just to highlight the tragedy of it all:






Still works.




What a tragedy.

How can one man be so genetically blessed and so cavalier at the same time?

I can’t believe it.


It’s really irresponsible.


Great to see you back here WOB! We missed you!


Farken ewoks.


No wonder some end up getting stir fried.


Disagree. this thread quickly morphed into a great stroll down memory lane. l will say it again, welcome back.


I’ve been told we taste quite delicious with ginger, chilli and a dash of soy sauce - and you get new carpet as well. Fortunately I taste more like a brussell sprout.


Thai basil leaves.:ok_hand:


Who is your avatar by the way.
It’s driving me batty


I was only wondering the other day if Kenny Rogers plays tennis


It’s an actual pic of @Diggers, taken yesterday afternoon.




By Blitz I meant everyone but me.


Welcome back WOB. I not only missed your humour, but I’ve always thought your thoughts about the team were pretty spot on most of the time. Get ready to book another flight over if we make the finals! (Can’t possibly be as bad as last year)