The Twit show Musk go on

Free Speech for all, except the dude who got shadowbanned for using publicly available information to track Musk’s private jet flights


For a man who supposedly hated curated posts being added to your feed, green certainly loves being at the top of everyone’s list ever time you open Twitter.

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Basically seeks to replace Fox News, whose ( free speech?) repetition of baseless conspiracy theories has put Rupert and the rest of them on the stand and may wipe out a whole years profit of Fox Corp.

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Elon Musk is a different kind of cat, he probably doesn’t think of it that way.

Starting a car company wasn’t seen as a fast way to riches either. But he did anyway.

He doesn’t own a house and sleeps on the floor of his companies offices.

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He didn’t start Tesla, he invested heavily in it very early on.


He rents (at least) one, though. Wife and kid probably not keen on factory living.


Yer the point is he’s just not a regular human being.

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It wouldn’t have been much without his input it’s fair to say.

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I don’t think this is true as it’s only been a recent change in the way he’s acting/posting.

He initially brought it for the data. Tesla and Nueralink are betting on AI and if he could leverage twitters huge source of behavioural data he had a chance of creating something way more valuable than the sum of its parts.

But he massively overpaid, offer was stupid and done at the top of the market hence why he tried so hard to back out. If he brought it for $15billion it would be completely different.

He cut costs which damaged the culture hoping it would make it profitable. But advertisers jumped ship.

He’s not an idiot, he’s trying to boost engagement and use all by himself which is leaning into the right wing side. His tweets sound very trumpian at times and that’s no accident. I’m not sure he can pull it off as the more he leans into that the more Twitter becomes unpalatable to others. It’s not a case of lose a lefty gain a conservative. He’s losing people that generate meaningful content(reportors, academics, governments and amatuer knowledge experts) but replacing them with noisy trolls. That’s not a long term viable business plan.

I’m not sure how it ends, but think it will keep being driven economics rather than ideology

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Billionaires are not normal human beings !

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Wife and kid not keen on him, she ditched some time ago.

I’m maybe the biggest critic of America on this forum, but holy fark.


how many wars have america been involved in ? last time i checked it was was less than 5 years since their inception that they haven’t been involved in some sort of war.

how many deaths do you think have occured in that time ?
Iraq wars cos you know “WMD’s” that we are still waiting for someone to even remotely fake that they have.
afghan war to find one guy who was in pakistan.

how many innoncent people have died ? oh that’s right we aren’t allowed to talk about that “national security” , because we can’t have the “world police” and self appointed world freedom fighters.
hell we even have an aussie still sitting in a jail cell waiting extradition after YEARS of being hunted cos he dared to show how horrible they actually are behind the veil.

then the funnelling of money to rebel groups and weapons that are supposedly inline with american interests in how many countries ?

what about dropping bombs in japan, not to end the war but to merely establish they had the technology ? just because the war was almost over thanks to england and russia, but good old america couldn’t miss out of their slice of the pie when things were going to be divided up.

I say they are worse cos people seem to assume that in isolated events it needs to be equivalent. how many in here have regurgitated what you have. oh the 6 millions jews killed.
so essentially what you’re saying is, 6 million jews dying in ww2 era which has now ended is worse than a never ending cycle of America doing whatever they want, killing how ever many people they want or can or are merely considered “collateral damage” in the pursuit of freedom and democracy.
cos that’s all they are doing, hence I said they mastered the propaganda game better than the nazi’s. they make you think what they are doing is for the worlds best interest, not just theirs.

Edit FWIW I’m not diminishing what happened in ww2, I see it as abhorrent as the rest of the world does. I merely see America and their actions as equally so and worse, cos there is no end in sight to their rein of terror.

So you’re saying America is worse than Nazi Germany???

Just so I’m not misrepresenting you.


I don’t know, how many?

Oh, you absolutely are.

It was quite a statement you made, and I was wondering how you’d back it up (if you bothered, which to your credit you have, just not well).

It’s a tough call to defend that statement, but…I guess not impossible if done with knowledge and precision. Unfortunately it seems you have neither.

Nor, I suspect, the capacity.


what they have done, and will continue to do, yes they are worse imo, not in isolation, but as a whole

Well… It’s a theory.


I agree with all things ‘USA is terrible’ line but I stop short of comparing them to Nazi Germans though. Too many raw emotions about that topic. Best not to go there.

You did leave out a few key events.
9/11 and the doubts around that days events. When they realised they couldn’t get to Bin Laden, they decided on the bullshit WMD war with Iraq.
JFK assassination. Again many doubts about that day’s events. I cannot believe there wasn’t thirst to find out who killed the ‘Commander & Chief’ of the most powerful country in the world at the time.
Amazingly, on the back of that, they go all in on the Vietnam war when Kennedy was supposedly going to pull troops out of it.

They do have great PR though.