The Twit show Musk go on

With Elon’s growing insanity / unappreciated genius flowing into all sorts of threads, thought there should be a home to capture the spectacle.


But I don’t know why I bothered, seems pretty normal in Twitter land…


Ah, Norway. As we have all learned today thanks to @chris_64, the home land of very, very cold yams.

Would anyone really confuse one with the other, though.

I’ve vaguely paid attention to it.

all it confirms is, how easy it is to ultimately manipulate the mass idiot brigade with propaganda and narratives.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, america as a whole is ultimately way worse than nazi germany ever was. the only difference is they learnt to use propaganda against the world, not just their own.

hopefully all this stuff helps implode the joint, metaphorically speaking… just so i don’t get epsteined

I assume you’re aware of the Holocaust?



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Already feels like the twitter version of blitz.
References to Nazis, the holocaust and conspiracy theories.

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Every time I read something stupid from you, I think “it can’t get any worse”

But credit to you…you’ve proved me wrong again.

But just in case I’m mistaken, please enlighten us all on how The USA has done worse than start a world war that caused the deaths of between 40-50 million people, displaced millions more and practiced genocide to the tune of an estimated 6,000,000 Jewish people.


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The competence continues.


He’s a sentient punchline at this point


Emperor’s new clothes going on.

When the money’s gone, he’ll be largely friendless.


Billionaires don’t really have friends.

Not real ones.

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fkn good thread :ok_hand:

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Even an old techno nerd bloke like me knew that Twitter was not a good investment at $42Bn
They have been trying to monetise it for many years, while Facebook has been a spectacular success, Twitter has languished.
Why he paid so much for it can only be a rush of blood to the head, or like Troth Sential , a desperate attempt to gain more notoriety.

Its financial position is so bad he has to prune it back so hard he might even kill it.
At $42Bn, its high risk, for probably a low reward if any.

He’ll be insanely rich for the rest of his life and never lack for any imaginable luxury even if he somehow lost 95% of everything he owns.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can put it on a long-term lease.

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Hes been pretty clear that he bought it to protect free speech.

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