The Twit show Musk go on


This will be the end of it for me. He’s really outdone himself this time.

Unbelievable, if true.

I guess I should close my account that’s made about two tweets in ten years.
Wait…he doesn’t have my bank details…?

It’s definitely true, this is the video of the interview where he said it.

I get the logic - bots become impossible if you need a different payment method for each one. But there are other ways to fix that problem. And it looks like it’s a convenient excuse to justify imposing a fee on every user.

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Musk has been justifying every bullshit decision he’s made since buying the thing by calling out the fight against bots, and it’s almost always been bullshit. There’s quite a number of third-party bot detection tools for twitter for a long time. Musk could simply … buy one (or two, or three) of them, or fork one of the open source ones, run it over the user base, and do a massive cleanout and bot cull. Instead, he’s actually shut down the API they use so people can’t use them to demonstrate how many of his followers are bots any more.

When Musk talks about bots, assume bad faith.




also actually banning bots would drastically drive down engagement metrics

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Well, most of the time when Musk talks, I simply assume he’s been hitting the bong with Joe Rogan or someone again. Just talking ■■■■. Some stuff he’s consistently bad faith on though.

Some weird nerd kids weren’t given wedgies in school, and it shows.

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