The vent thread




Can’t agree with all of what you’ve said here. In all honesty, in terms of noise I feel as if the fans are quite disgraceful (until the last qtr against the crows and maybe carlton last yr), our fans tend to spectate rather than support, which I really don’t like. However, the fans as a whole have stood by the club in such tough times to help keep it afloat, with record membership numbers almost every year despite no success. The loyalty of our fans is unrivalled, I don’t blame them for expecting some success after all the ■■■■ the club has put them through. But I totally agree, on gameday our supporters need to do just that, support the team rather than merely spectating the game.


screw the crowd just pump crowd noise through h the PA and put mannequins in every seat. match whats happening out on the field and in the coaches box.


I hate the stupid plane gimmick game n the screens after every goal we kick, kills the crowd noise




Ban the chant WE ARE ESSENDON until we are something!