The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)


Far out, that is insane. Stay safe.


It’s all good. Luckily only had to spend a few quick bursts out there but some of the forkies and porters do 15 minute bursts when it gets that hot


Holy ■■■■!
Take care Aceman!


That would suck big time, what do you do?


Freight industry but I look after what is deemed sensitive or urgent air freight.


I was imagining you walking out to the aircraft from the terminal with Ray bans aviators on, high fiving your offsider as they are in awe of the Aceman…:slight_smile:


Going to be outside all tomorrow on wildlife duty. This is going to suck :frowning:


I wish. I’m just a pleb in the scheme of things.
I enjoy it though and despite the long hours the pay is excellent and it’s not super hard work.


The wife experienced her first dose of Melbourne Summer Weather in the last 2 weeks.The days we spent outside made her crash by 10pm.


It’s still fkn hot here.

Fkn concur.


Fkn horrible this morning.


I have a wedding to go to today. It’s formal, so suit and tie required. Ceremony is OUTSIDE at 2pm.


Screw them and their formal, take the jacket and tie off man, what are they going to do? throw you out? Best thing if they do.


Oh I will be. I’m worried about the wedding party! Someone is going to collapse surely


RIP in peace ess em jay


I’m going to die as I lived - being super hot


Never got cooler than 32 overnight, heading for 46.


Our water went off for half an hour. I thought we were going to die



thoughts and prayers are with you


Might be worthwhile topping up birdbaths and if possible moving them into shady areas. We filled some old dog bowls and plastic containers and placed them under trees which are known lairs for local wildlife. A week or so ago the local tawnies were doing it hard and had dropped down to the lower branches and we were able to use the hose settings to blow mist around them, never directly on them. They didn’t seem to mind. Similarly a few years ago a koala lost consciousness in a fork little more than a metre off the ground on the nature strip, they come down in the heat too, and it revived after we directed a spray above it. We had a koala in the tree out the front yesterday and it looked miserable with its legs and arms hanging loose rather than curled up. It’s gone today and I hope it copes. The ringtails really suffer in the heat too.
Worth a wander or 2 round just to check for suffering wildlife.