The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)

This is so true though, I grew up and lived in freo until age 30 but I remember through school years and teens especially days and days of mid to high 30s with many 40 days as well, then we’d get a 31/32 forecast and it was really like a cooling off, we’re going back a fair while now so aircon in house or car was a luxury, fans were the go.

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Perth weather has changed a lot in the past few years…the days of planning a BBQ months ahead are gone as the weather has become a lot more unreliable.

Summer starts later and I’ve only had my Aircon on 3-4 days so far this summer (admittedly I was away for 2.5 weeks when there were quite a few hot days).

Apart from the (Melbourne) cool change mentioned above, Perth has become more like what I remember of Melbourne…quite interchangeable weather within the same day.


Adelaide gets cool changes all the time. I just don’t feel they last as long as they do in Melbourne😂.

Anyway, today is a cracker and I have the day off work. I opted not to go to the tennis during the day so I am in oakleigh now eating lunch and enjoying this day.


Could not get a more perfect day if you tried.


Today is the definition pic of the term “nice day”.

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A little way out but next Saturday (28th) looking very hot across Victoria.

High 30s/Low 40s for Melbourne.

Winds, thankfully, looking relatively light otherwise has the potential for a very bad fire danger day.

Was warm here today but currently being treated to one hell of a light and sound show. Sitting out the back having a couple of Scotch’s enjoying the show but hoping it doesn’t lead to some grass fires. Looks to be some of that stuff we can’t talk about on here about to fall


Another forecasting fail from BOM.

They are not having a great few months. From the bizarre press release saying they do not want to be referred as “the BOM” to looking like they’ve left the work experience kids in charge of the uploaded forecasts…

This is the radar currently

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corker in Melbourne at the moment

clear skies

sunny warm but with a coolness in the air making it very pleasant

it’s a fine day


It’s a cold one this morning

Apparently it feels like 8c out my way atm.

Más frio que un beso de una madastra

Looking like an extended stretch of significantly above average temperatures for February coming up. Starting in about 7-8 days time for a majority of the eastern part of the country.

Good… its about time we had some summer in Sth Victoria