The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)

Cyclone Mocha in the Bay of Bengal is forecast to reach land in Bangladesh and Myanmar on Sunday. Hundreds of thousands evacuated. What else can go wrong for the Royhingyas in Bangladesh


When I saw this thread being bumped, I assumed it was going to be @Bomb_Doe enjoying today.

Bloody gloomers!

ha - well it’s currently raining here in Sardinia so it wouldn’t be me


Thread ban :wink:


Perth (City) down to 0.7°C this morning and Perth (Airport) down to -0.6°C.

Besides Canberra (578m), the coldest temperatures experienced by any Australian city so far this year.


This weather pattern is a weird one.

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Meanwhile Sydney is having a very warm winter with barely a drop of rain in the last 2 months.

Not raining here. Sun out and kids on PS4.

The beginning effects of El Niño are well publicised for areas on the east coast of Australia but are often neglected when it comes to the west/south-western areas of the country.

It’s been above average for much of the east but in the west it’s running below average and much wetter than usual. Usually a sign of early El Niño.

Looks like the trend will continue in the short to medium term…

Melbourne running about 2°C warmer than average in both minimum and maximum temperatures for June. Majority of the population don’t really notice as it’s still ‘cool’ but significant all the same.

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Buckle up.

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It’s constantly raining in Melbourne, El Nino is a fraud.

Maximum temperatures (28/6 - 9am-4pm)

Melbourne 12.7°C
Hobart 10.2°C
Sydney 11.7°C
Canberra 7.7°C
Alice Springs 14.6°C

Chilly one across a large part of the country. Colder in many rural towns.


Lacking a good light show.

Sydney colder than Melbourne today. Those cold wet windy days there, staying in an unheated draughty house, wind whistling through the cracks.

It’s hot and sunny. Or hot and raining. This is the way for Singapore.

I still haven’t felt the cold too much yet over here in Rads. The overnight temperatures are much higher than previous Junes.

The weird thing is that a fair few locals wear shorts year round and like to pretend it never gets cold there.

I do that here

And humid. Morning, afternoon, night. 24/7. And a storm never far away even when the sun is shining.

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Meanwhile Europe baking in hottest June and record July temperatures. 43C in Rome forecast for today. 48C for Sicily and Sardinia whilst parts of Spain and Greece sitting in mid 40s for days and weeks now. Bushfires breaking out … tourists and locals suffering big time and getting out. No fun sitting in a cool’ish church most of the day gulping water just to cope.

UK positively temperate in comparison with weeks now of 18-24C across the country. That current jet stream flow over Europe causing crazy weather differentials at the mo’. And yes in South Korea, China and U.S just as bad too.

Climate change? What Climate change?