The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)


On behalf of the Fruitbats (see footy jumper) I say thank you.




While we swealter over here with recent record high temps, the yanks are freezing over with weather colder than at the poles.

I like this picture which is apparently real. You can cook noodles in 2 minutes and now re-freeze them in 60 seconds.

Also there are videos of people throwing boiling water in the air and it turns to mist/snow instantly.


Glorious morning in Melbourne.


Bluddy awful down here.

Not a skerrick of swell even on the Bar.!!


What a very nice looking morning in Melbourne.


weather has been on point. bit of rain, coloured skies, clear here and there, a little warmth here and there. variety is the spice of life.



Autumn is a superb season in Melbourne - the best actually.

A lot more rain would improve the spice mix considerably.


Just got back from camping - weather is sure to be nice now


I remind the honourable gentleman of the thread topic.


Dear theDJR,

I apologise for my unintentional misdemeanour. I do not have a valid excuse. I was not thinking, nor respecting the Thread Title. All I can say is that I will try my best not to transgress again. And if I do, may the wrath of a thousand bans rain fall upon my head.


Bomb Doe


long may @theDJR’s reign of terror continue.


I’m glad you didn’t misspell that.


Purple reign, purple reign…


Rein in the puns please…!


Only if sung by James Reyne.


Thread is raining peign.


In four words you made two mistakes.

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Fair dust storm rolling through Mildura…