The Wrestling Thread

NXT over the next two weeks will include/be only from matches from the recent tour. Probably mostly Osaka this week, and Melbourne the next. Presumably will include DIY vs TM61 from Melbourne.

2 hour specials from each show so it'll be interesting how they edit around certain things given it looks like 5 matches will air per show.

Osaka matches to air in the 12/28 edition:
Replay of Shinsuke vs. Joe
Asuka vs. Nia Jax
DIY vs. Tajiri & Tozawa
Liv Morgan & Aliyah vs. Peyton Royce & Billie Kay
Andrade Almas vs. Oney Lorcan

Melbourne matches being broadcast on January 4 episode haven't been announced yet, but you can expect to see:
Replay of the Steel Cage match
DIY vs. TM61 (definite)
Roode/Samson vs. Dillinger/Murphy (probable)

Other 2 at a guess...
Revival vs. Sabbatelli/Moss
Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay vs. Liv Morgan

other options are
Asuka vs. Peyton Royce
Andrade vs. Blake
Oney Lorcan vs. Patrick Clark

That last one is probably close to unairable without considerable crowd muting/overdubbing.


They wonder why interest declines in Raw. Nothing ever happens, ends in another pointless match where they try and combine fueds at the end. Oh and did I mention he champ gets pinned again? Whatever. And they wonder why no one feels special anymore.


I do wonder what it will take for significant change in that department.


Can't remember the last time I even taped RAW to fast forward through, the booking is dire and the show is even longer.

I do wonder what it will take for significant change in that department.

The obvious answer is Vince either dying or getting too sick/feeble to be hands-on - he's too stubborn to step back or take a break and let someone try something new. With Vince effectively being the channel that ideas have to run through before they can make TV, there is also the good chance that the RAW guys just write stuff that they know he's going to like/approve, rather than potentially wasting time crafting something he might reject, especially given he's been known to make them re-write the show a few hours before airtime anyway.


Sucks there's no real competition either. They'll just run it mediocrely along until he's gone.


Just watch the A Show instead...


Once stephanie started getting involved in creative things were always going to turn out bad


I’m not even mad the ref fell for this distraction…


A-Show champs = AJ, Alexa, American Alpha and Ambrose

I like alliteration.


Pissweak basketballers. Shove your eye back in the socket and finish the bloody match!


I have to have wisdom teeth taken out Monday morning (in the chair). Positive though - Rumble at 11am Monday.

Any good* sites where I can watch it live? Been years since I watched a full ppv,

*good = free


Just pay $10 for the network stinge bag


If you've never had the Network before you can get your first month free. I think.


AJ / Cena was extremely good.


Was it brilliance or stupidity to put Roman at #30? It was after all the only way you could get people to cheer for an Orton win

Was it brilliance or stupidity to put Roman at #30 ? It was after all the only way you could get people to cheer for an Orton win

It's probably the most self aware WWE has ever been. They knew the reaction he'd get (as well as the horror of the fans when it looked like he would win it), so it makes Ortons win look much more palatable in comparison.

So does Orton now go after Cena?

WM likely card:

Cena / Orton
Taker / Reigns
Goldberg / Lesnar
Owens / ???


Such a dissapointing royal rumble match. So many big names and it was such s let down. Reigns coming out was just the cherry on top. The superman punch is one of the worst all time finishes in wrestling history. just knew it was coming but at least AJ looked really strong.

Taker looked awful tbh, looked overweight. Really slow. This mania needs to be his last. Please dont have him face reigns at mania.

I really hope Bray somehow gets added to the title match with cena and orton and wins the belt. There is no way they can do cena v.s orton for the millionth time.

The only highlight was goldberg and lesnar.

The worst part was they brought in all the big names right at the end of the match instead of coming in bit by bit. And if reigns could enter the rumble where was AJ?


Orton / Bray is the rumoured WM match, but if so, why not let Bray win the Rumble? You keep hearing they want to push him, so do it now. Orton gains nothing with this win. Bray could use it more than just about anyone.

I cancelled my network account today.


The Rumble match was quite entertaining, it didn’t have any lulls… but the latter portion was infuriating. Promising midcarders with good stories are there to be flippantly tossed aside for the benefit of old farts and part-timers.

Riolio, not been watching Smackdown? Randy has been getting much love from the fans there.


Sure. But he's a known quantity whose interesting st the moment in one third of a tag team. He's had his time. Give Bray a decent push.