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If you believe the rumours, Cena won purely 1) to set up the later record-breaking 17th title and 2) to be a transitional champ to Bray in two weeks time. Who wins out of Wyatt/Orton, dunno.

It's undeniable that the crowd is behind all of Wyatt, Orton AND Harper, even when set against each other. Which is a weird dynamic.


As for the rumour on the other side (Goldberg vs Lesnar for the universal title): urgh.


Loved Jack Gallagher getting a run

Roman coming out last is clearly just WWE taking the pss now


Roman coming out last is clearly just WWE taking the pss now

"It's a reaction, damnit!"

Putting Roman vs those sneaky heels Owens and Jericho in the match after Charlotte/Bayley (to which the crowd reacts "correctly") just accentuated the ongoing absurd stubbornness.

Also, sooooo disappointed Miz didn't come out to Bryan's music.

At least they gave us the TEN.


Was it just me or was the entrance to the ring an awkwardly long distance at the RR? Usually it's a relatively quick run in but this year it was a full minute affair unless they were full on sprinting. Hence cutting to a facial reaction from someone in the ring for about 10 seconds too long.

Orton was the most random winner, better than Reigns but literally 29 other men would have been better. Bray should have won that, once again they miss a chance to build Bray into something decent, he's screaming with talent and one again... and then i na few years after he's lived in midcard hell they wonder why he won't get over...they could have done any number of Orton revenge matches with Bray or Bray with anyone really. Or even Jehrico so they could have went with the Owens/Jehrico Mania match. But freakin Orton?

And did I miss something but where the hell was Rollins in the Rumble? If fucking Ellsworth or Mojo fcking Rawley can get a gig... the rumble is now 20 people you fcking hate followed with a few big names and a couple of midcarders. So you end up waiting for 90% of the RR to see the top guys only to have Lesnar last 3 minutes, and Goldberg/Taker probably around 5 minutes. Taker looked fcking slow too I might add. Whilst I'm complaining is there any bigger disapointment than having to hear New Day come out 3 times or Mojo or Ellsworth or anyone else from 1-20. Oh wait there is, the decision to put Reigns at 30. So by that logic he expected to lose to Owens earlier in the night or went to Vince after he lost and said "put me at 30". So stupid. Couldn't AJ have done this?

Jehrico was the best part of the rumble for his shenanigans, Strowman was impressive and a few had their moments. Did I mention it's fcking crazy to have Strowman eliminated mid way through by a fcking midcarder (yes, Baron Corbin is bland) instead of being eliminated by Goldberg? Every year they get my hopes up and every year they find a way to annoy me, come to think of it the last 4 years that reason has been Reigns. He's like Cena but without any of the good matches and doesn't have half his charisma.


Oh and bloody hell Ambrose has gone down the toliet since his Lesnar Mania match. The whole self aware "I'm crazy because I wear a t-shirt saying I'm crazy and I tell everyone I'm crazy" schtick is lame.


Rollins was screwed out of his RR spot on RAW by the Authority. Not that it (probably) matters now, he's (apparently) broken again.

Many of the superstars got driven to the ring, but they did a good job hiding that.

Yeah, I'm not happy about AJ being rewarded for a year of making everyone look fantastic by being kicked to the kerb for a LOLCENAWINS two week title. I'm even less happy with the overt shift in his character in recent weeks to outright coward ("ooh the chamber's so scary, I've never done anything scary").


Rollins has done his PCL, and apparently as a result the plan to turn Reigns heel post-mania had been shelved. Oh boy.

Rollins has done his PCL, and apparently as a result the plan to turn Reigns heel post-mania had been shelved. Oh boy.


the rumble is now 20 people you fcking hate followed with a few big names and a couple of midcarders.

"Now"? It's always been like that. The best Rumble match of all time (2001) had Drew Carey, The Honky Tonk Man and Billy Gunn in it.

-edit- this swear filter is weird, man


I'm convinced that if they try to turn Reigns, they'll blow that too.


They'll probably have him attack Cena and turn into a cult hero in the process


George "The Animal" Steele has passed away. Loved him as a kid

  • Chavo Guerrero (Sr) + Nicole Bass + Ivan Koloff!

Clearly some long-running politics to blame for Ivan not being in the WWWF Hall of Fame.


If you want to stay sane, don’t watch or even try to think about the booking of the last two matches of Fastlane.

My neighbours heard LOUD NOISES.


Said it elsewhere, but if the story between Goldberg/Brock was that Berg had Brock's number. KO should've beaten Berg CLEAN. Would've given him a bump. Made Brock angrier. Made Berg doubt himself going into WM. Setup Brock/KO after WM. The old guys are great draws, they don't need the belt.

Also consider the number of people without feuds right now. If Roman's going against Taker, where's Braun going? If Joe's after Seth. What's Balor coming back to? Why the HELL did Rusev get buried by Show, what's Rusev doing next?

Grrrrrr Wrestling is the WORRRRRRRST


Surgery, turns out. Hopefully moving to Smackdown next.

Thoughts on WM? I can't say I'm especially excited by any one of the matches but surely they've got to wring 1-2 good matches out of the roster by sheer weight of numbers.

Also have you's watched Bring it to the Table on the Network? Weird seeing an official show of WWE break Kayfabe.


Im fearful this could be mania 27 level of bad. If it wasn't for hbk vs taker 27 would be worse than 9. But nothing will ever be worse than 9.

If Roman wins clean in the mid card the crowd will just ■■■■ on the rest of the show




Ha. Roman's winning. Like being second to beat Taker at Mania will mean anything.


Oh he's winning the IF is around will it be clean or via heel turn shenanigans