The Wrestling Thread


Will be all ages, plenty of women. Not an issue.




MCW is 100% all ages. They do a few overage events but they are very clear when those events are and that they are 18 +

Gotta say I’m proud of MCW they’ve come a long way from doing monthly shows in a Chinese restaurant


Anyone watch Summerslam?

Was it any good ?

I read the main event was a cracker


I heard it’s the only thing about it.

Cancelled the Network a few weeks back and have no intentions to rejoin.


No spoilers:

Miz, Kurt Angle Jr and the Hardyz curtain-jerked when the “sold out” stadium was 90% empty. With ad breaks. Damn…

Usos and New Day was second-best match of the night… and also on the pre-show.

Smackdown Women’s title match was better than expected, though not necessarily what was expected.

I enjoyed Bliss/Banks till the ending. There were a lot of crap endings and results that told definite stories about how certain wrestlers are viewed by management. Urgh, mostly.

AJ/Owens was, as expected, massively over-booked and about Shane.

The fatal four-way main event was the slobberknocker you’d expect. Fun. Hopefully they proceed to the obvious follow-up feud.


Also, a beach ball got murdered.


I just saw a vid of that, it was awesome.

Honestly what kind of flog brings a beach ball to a wrestling ppv




Too Sweeted a Bullet Club member: check.


I loved the the Raw tag team match. That was my favourite of the night.

I was secretly hoping Rollins and Ambrose would interfere in the Universal championship match, and hand the belt to Reigns.


News out of Takeover that Asuka broke her collarbone and won’t be cleared to wrestle for 6-8 weeks. Eminently possible to book around it given their next Takeover is Survivor Series, but the question is will they?


Greatly appreciate the passion of you WONDERFUL wrestling fans tonight. We wrestled so early that I felt as if I DELETED part of the crowd.

Didn’t watch the pre-show, but I’ve found out two issues were behind that - the much lesser reason is tickets sold for the event had the show starting at 6.30pm, instead of 5pm so some people just didn’t show up at the venue until the final pre-show match, but the big issue was venue management - not all doors were open until the pre-show had already started and those that were open had only been open for 20mins, with security heavily restricting the flow of patrons - apparently patrons were let in in groups of roughly 30, then security would wait for them to get through the more stringent security check before letting in the next group of 30.

F No Spoilers

Unfortunately I think this India thing has made Vince pay close attention to SmackDown as since Jinder started his push the booking across the brand has been atrocious.

He is famous for saying that he can make the crowd accept anybody which is blatant BS as they don’t, but it explains his booking philosophy as wins & losses and protecting people doesn’t matter, what is important is what you are telling people about that person at that time.

Case in point, Vince - and I’m positive it would’ve been him as he is infamous for yelling at announces through the headsets to say specific things - he had Tom Phillips utter the words “Jinder has been a dominant champion” - a guy who needed half of India to beat a one-armed Randy Orton and who couldn’t beat him with the Singhs & Khali removed from the equation.

I really fear for the upper tier scene on SmackDown as it now desperately needs Roode, because the booking has undercut the heels to the point that they’re not taken seriously.

Owens is still OK, but is slated to feud with the 50yr who wrestles 2 or 3 times a year and with every other Shane match he’ll be booked to get in way too much offence…because Vince.

Jinder obviously isn’t a threat, though bemusingly they use Shinsuke and not Orton to make him look relatively strong, they haven’t rebuilt him in any way from being a jobber, they’ve just slapped the title on him. On a brand crying out for legit heels, Rusev should’ve been rebuilt as one, but instead he got fed to Vince’s two worst booking crutches and after getting the Orlando Fricken Jordan treatment at SummerSlam, is unrecoverable.

As for Baron Corbin, well allegedly post-Mania he was meant to be built as their top heel, but in the space of a week as the MitB holder, he has been buried in a way not seen since Damien Sandow. Sandow for some odd reason was booked to win, despite Vince hating him and set about burying him, whilst planning to have him lose the cash in anyway. Corbin apparently was a ■■■■ to a marine on twitter and if there is anything that is going to get Steph’s panties in a bunch it is her philanthropy for PR’s sake being threatened, plus Vince digs the army…so yay for backstage politics - there are other ways to punish someone without undercutting your ability to make money down the road, but again nothing I do today means anything as long as I push him tomorrow.


Ha, just book the Women’s Tournament winner to be new champ… and then all the people already on the roster can have a grudge to go after that winner!


Summerslam is so, so, SOOOOOOO long…not Mania long but my god, who wants to watch 4 hours + of wrestling…

The main event was fantastic, Strowman should be champion for a long time but I feel they’re wasting their next Mania main event with Lesnar/Strowman. If I was booking it’d be: Lesnar v Strowman No DQ with Strowman taking the win.

The rest was utterly forgettable unless you’re an absolute diehard. Some decent enough matches, but you won’t remember them in a weeks time. The Raw tag match was good, Owens/AJ was good if it was a Smackdown main event and the Big Show/Cass was entirely boring and forgettable and having Enzo cut a 10+ pre match promo didn’t help things much. Balor/Wyatt was OK I guess? Not sure I see it much with Balor, lots of flips, nothing really there.

The Jinder/Nakamura was an abomination. I knew things were bad when the wrecked Nakamura’s violin intro which sounded terrible and the match never flowed. Both will be mid to low card in a year, sadly enough for Nakamura. Honestly cut this show by an hour and a half, give us both main events, some womens matches, and a few undercard matches. Not fcking match after match of ■■■■■.


That’s no fault of Nakamura’s. He has been booked appallingly on SDL


On paper these two should be putting on classics week after week but they just haven’t got going.

That would make sense.

Mix promo on Raw was great, but of course the writers knew the crowd would go nuts for it so we’re all just marks for wanting what they know we want but won’t give.


Here’s your Wrestlemania headline, Vince!

(yeah, I gather it was a prick of a crowd, but it’s not good)


Been travelling the past 2 months so only been reading results online

I was ok with Cena beating Corbin as long as the fued developed with Corbin getting a big win along the way

Then I see Cena is now on Raw

I reckon they should turn Rusev face. Apparently he has a great sense of humour and his whole gimmick has run its course / not utilised properly. Now would be a fantastic to time to give him a change


Where did the hype for this guy come from?

I know stuff all about him but he seems to be well over with the crowd even with his bizarre gimmick


He was big in NXT, basically WWE’s development brand which can be watched anywhere as it actually probably better than both Raw/Smackdown.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nakamura has already had the line put through him by Vince, I’m expecting him to be a 50/50 player from here on in.