The Wrestling Thread


Unsurprising confirmation that Bad Luck Fale will be at the August 19 MCW show. The question is: by that time will he still be the undisputed Heel Of The Year?


Battleground was a pretty damn awful show till the very end…

I popped for Great Khali. What the fark is wrong with me?


I cancelled my WWE network sub after the finish of AJ/KO.

What a crap shoot it’s become. SD was once the shining light. It’s as bad as anything else now.


A lot of conspiracy theory’s out that saying WWE knew that SDL had taken over RAW and did like the idea of SDL being the flagship program and started booking SDL horribly.


Didn’t watch, but read the results.

Back in the early 00s, there would be sites all over the shop posting fake results from shows with complete crap like Bret Hart coming back and winning the title from Triple H in a first blood match or whatever. That trend died long ago, but as of yesterday I thought it had come back.


Now give me two claps and a Ric Flair…I’m so going to use that to end my next meeting

Maybe should be in the Golf thread, is there a golf thread?


I’m sure we’ve all heard the “X could get a good match out of an inanimate object” well…

Kota Ibushi vs. Yoshihiko (Highlights)

or the full 30min match (and I’m gobsmacked that someone actually booked that)




I can’t think of anything more stupid or embarrassing as a wrestling fan, than seeing grown men wrestle fcking blow up dolls. What an embarrassment. ■■■■ like that makes me pretend I don’t watch it.


A pay per view every 2 weeks is just stupid.


That was some serious athleticism by the actual wrestler
But there is no chance in hell id buy a ticket to watch a guy wrestle a blow up doll


MCW’s Ballroom Brawl show was tonight: 3.5 hours (including intermission) at the Thornbury Theatre.

Hot opener for the tag title: defending champions ‘The Brat Pack’ are seriously Elite Elite at inciting the crowd, and retain after shenanigans, and also just being good. Heels that are hated, how about that?

The actual Ballroom Brawl (20 man rumble) was fun and had plenty of little stories along the way. It featured the return of TMDK’s Jonah Rock… and he won, to love from the fans. Prize is capability to challenge for the main title at any time.

After the break: Adam Brooks © vs Will Ospreay for the Intercommonwealth Title. Was 29 minutes of awesomeness: lit as fark, I believe the kids would say. And NEW champion, and he’s looking to become a permanent resident and make Australia, and MCW in particular, home. Holy ■■■■.

Finish had Brooks standing on the top rope, Ospreay runs up/rebounds off the second rope to get high enough to RKO/ace crusher him alllllllll the way down.

(He also won the PWA main belt in Sydney last night, off Robbie Eagles… who will be at the next, bigger, MCW show in two weeks.)

Hard on Kelly-Anne and Bea Priestley to follow that: adequate match, but the crowd was just exhausted.

That continued into the main event: Mr Juicy © vs Dowie James for the heavyweight title. A very deliberate wear-em-down match, with Dowie being a bit heel-ish targeting the injured shoulder of Juicy. Half hour in — HIT MY MUSIC, here comes Jonah, Dowie shoved off top rope to the floor, Jonah cashes in, brutal frog splash, NEW CHAMPION.

Some tickets still left for the show in two weeks: do yourself a favour.


Gonna need a bigger venue…

Brooksy desperate enough to bust out some “flippy ■■■■”… e.g. springboard Canadian Destroyer on the apron.


MCW is now Australia’s premier wrestling company


Winner takes it all!


Fap Fap Fap


@theDJR went out to my first Gippsland Pro Wrestling show few weeks back.

Not to bad.

Krackerjak was out here and JXT is the GPW Champion


Not sold on JXT, as I’m not a teenage girl, but anything with Krakerjak is awesome. The greatest hardcore comedian of all time.


Apparently WWE are very keen on JXT.

Interesting fact he dated my cousin for a while


DJR/Scotty, I’m keen to take my girlfriend to a MCW show. She isn’t into wrestling, but will watch the theatrical silly sht (eg: Fashion Police, New Day, Jack Gallagher) as well as the athletic stuff (eg: 205 Live dudes, Apollo Crews). She enjoys going to any kind of live show which is why I want to take her along, but she would hate it if it was a super-blokey, smarky crowd. Thoughts/comments welcome.