This old house

I have decided to start a thread on a house that has housed many Essendon supporters and 4 premierships in my life time.

I will start with a bit of a background and add more when finding old photos etc

1969 Dad’s father had just passed away and his family had the property from Chain of Lagoons to Seymour on the East Coast of Tasmania, the whole coast line Merino farm( worth millions now), Dad walked away with $9000. :frowning: Death tax etc and some shady dealings way before my time.
Mum was from the North West from a farm called Thirlstane, poor potato farmers where they had to share a pair of shoes and walk 5km to school.
Dad never recovered from losing the farm was offered a job as a Wool classer but reneged and obviously hated what happened to him and now I can see he was depressed from it all.
They married and moved to Launceston, Dad wanted a cool car and bought this Valiant Pacer, yep thats me at the Thirlstane farm circa 1974?10444652_10153046614468330_904733479807500836_n
Cost him around $3000 Mum wanted a house and thats where the story begins.

My parents bought the house in 1970 the year I was born, for the pricey sum of $7500, the lady wanted $9500 but accepted Mum and Dad’s offer.

I am going to add more just needed to make a start! :slight_smile:


So here is me at the house that the thread will be about, Ann St ( sorry guys I am not called Ann lol, I am a Ben), in my early years on the verandah.


Beer is an important part of growing up here!


Love it.

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Excellent - love this, man. Look forward to the continuation, at your own time.

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Agree^ :+1:


Just have to add a picture of my Mum ( Rosemary ) and her twin sister( Ellery )at this early stage, because this is all about her in some respect. Mums twin sister is still alive and swims marathons to this day, nearly completed the english channel swim the other year.


So back to the house, we all loved our dads, but I always remember Dad when I was getting to teen years of being embarrassed about him. Everyone elses Dad would be out kicking the the footy with them making cricket games up up in the back yard all my Dad did was drink Sherry, smoke Camels and listen to Elvis and Johnny Cash, Saturday he would sit on the verandah, drink and listen to the football…ooh the football that was his emotion he loved the football, it was my key, pity it was the 70’s and not much joy looking back. I loved him and didn’t understand


To be continued…


Great stuff @AnnStBomber (Ben), keep it coming. :slightly_smiling_face:




Made it 3/4 of the way then turned back?

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Stung by jellyfish

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This is going to be epic. Storytelling is the future, Ben. Please continue.


Come on you Launcestonian. Let us meet up and we can compare how we are slaying the dragon.

And watch macgyver,


love old houses that have been homes to familys that have grown up in them. they have character. hope to hear more of your story all the best

Will add some more over the weekend, glad people are enjoying it. Was at first just going to be a heap of reno pictures, but that escalated into a full story. Was quite therapeutic writing it out.


I will try and stick to the house but its the people that make a house, so growing up was was pretty good, Mum was the academic and positive one, and started work as a teacher at Queechy she applied for the job from a pay phone with me in her arms. Dad was offered a job as a wool classer from his experience and training from his father owning a Mernino sheep property, he declined and started work at Coats Patons.

The house was bought earliest photo I have on hand is 91;

So a couple of premierships in the early 80’s (All Dad’s family followed Essendon Mum was maybe St Kilda before but was defiantly Essendon now, Dad even met John Coleman at his Moonee Ponds pub?, he often told me with a tear in his eye, he would always say his hand was as big as a dinner plate)

So we all rolled on in the 80’s Mum progressing her career and Dad well just loving Essendon, Cricket, horse racing, drinking and smoking Camel cigarettes.

I went off the rails a bit at college and was not interested, left and started working at the CBA, I was quite smart at early high school but the lure of Music, Girls and having fun was high on my agenda and school at the time just seemed so boring.

The CBA job ended quickly as again just not that interested, then went into Insurance and quite enjoyed that managing the Motor Vehicles and house and Contents for MMI/CMI but that too became a bit tedious with a boss who was always complaining about my attitude and long mullet, sickies from big nights. Started smoking pot around this time and had moved out from the old house and rented a place with my Sister and Husband to be ( now divorced ) down at Swan Bay. This is a whole another story as the experimentation with drugs was on. I will say this was some of the happiest times of my life, I really found myself, I had no stress, didn’t feel I had to conform, It was 91 -93.
93 was our last year there and as most big commune type living arrangements it was nearing the end but ■■■■ Essendon where in the finals! I fondly remember having to wait for the delayed telecast of the last half of the Adelaide game. My Brother in law was listening on the radio and I was adamant he doesn’t tell me the scores as I want to watch this, he was very good not giving anything away, and to my shock when I started watching it at half time we were down around 40 points, We all know what happened so much happiness ( BTW he is a Melbourne supporter that comes later in 2000 :wink: )
He was from a private school and quite a few of his friends used to come down to SwanBay ( Commune lol) ) to escape, and most of them were Carlscum supporters, we invited them all down, one of them had a 100+ year hand painted bottle of champagne he had stashed with us to sell for drugs that brother in law was harbouring.
They were all coming but none showed up they all went to their ritzy rowing club etc etc Grand final do’s with their parents, so only about 5 of us watched it, Myself and current GF, Sister and partner and my another friend of their who is dead now RIP Brett!!
Well Essendon trumped it, and Brother in law rips out the old hand painted french bottle of champagne worth a fortune and shakes and sprays and we all drink it. One of best days in my life.

It all went a bit down hill after this for a while, lost my job had to sell my car and started to realise drugs and friends will not pay the the bills, so gave up the illicit stuff and went back to work in Insurance found a job and gave away all druggy so called friends.


It was the long road back, My Sister had got married, massive wedding all the trimmings and was the darling of the family, I was now the druggy loser ( though they introduced me to hard stuff ) I really felt alone and was WTF has happened it was all about her and I was the one treated like an outcast, it really annoyed me at the time, she was was having a baby and everything was being poured into her. Mum had a boyfriend in WA ( Dad didn’t even realise poor Dad), the private school brother in law family moved there and sister as well, and Mum bought a house as an investment where they both lived and were so good now. I was all of sudden the bad guy, I hated it, this is so wrong!!!
I kept going through, ended up drinking a lot at the local pub with a guy I worked with a big hairy red headed bikie wanna be and got me into great music like the The WHO and awesome 70’s rock my mind opened again but not from speed, from beer and pot. I had the best time in the mid 90’s.
Anyway that gig ended and I wanted to go back to school, I was keen to learn.
I was lucky Mum being a school teacher as in the early 80’s she would bring home Apple Computers from school the old Apple II and I used to love scoring the newsagent for magazines with programs I could type in to make games,We had an early MAC ( still have it) I hadn’t really touched a computer since the late 80’s but the internet was upon us and now I saw a future.
Ok I am going to University!!!


So off to University I go, moved back home at 27, an IT degree it is, yep 3 years and off to the mainland to seek my fame and fortune, IT labs just starting to be installed at Uni and the internet is happening.

I was so focused I wanted to succeed. 1998 yep doing well, was a bit nervous on one of my first management essay’s and asked Mum for help only scrapped a pass, second on drank a couple of beers loosened up and let it flow HD, wow I got this.

Start sitting the mid terms exams and feeling good was worried about my Management exam, the night before Mum had come home with a carton of Boags Red ( she was caring for her mother with dementia at the North West and had become superintendent by this stage ) she is in the Who’s who of women

It was the West Coast Eagles vs Essendon game 1998, and she was sitting in front of the open fire and saying why are you not having another beer, distinctly remember saying I have an exam in morning, have to go to bed.

I awoke in the morning and couldn’t find my cigarette lighter so went into the spare room where Mum was sleeping, Mum can I borrow your lighter will need a cig before my exam she was coughing and said I don’t feel well, I said you will be ok see you soon…last words.

I nailed the exam, drove home, excited to tell Mum and people were standing on the verandah, your Mum is dead, these are words that will resonate forever in my mind. she had a massive heart attack and is dead.
I just couldn’t fathom it at the time, to this day it still feels unbelievable.

I had another exam the next day and supposedly a friend of hers in the education department said don’t worry will take care of it, exam results - failed did not attend.

So tried to go back the next year but my heart was dead, my passion to learn had fallen, my faith in people had taken another horrible turn.

I needed to rebuild.

Just on Mum one of our first only games I went to with her in around 95-96 and a young Mathew Lloyd against Carlscum (and I always kept saying we need another John Coleman a goal kicking machine after Dad told me how good he was) and we were on the the wing around 50 out a few seats back, just stood up a yelled you can kick it Matty and he did that moment I knew we on the verge of something special.


So sorting estate stuff after Mum deaths (Mum didn’t have a will) and wow don’t family get horrible, even my sister was I will say evil, comment like you Mum wanted it for my children Dad is an alcoholic etc etc. So I convinced Dad to release some money to her and her family in WA, some to me and I will look after you Dad.

( worst decision ever in hindsight ) Dad was hopeless with money just wanted to go the casino and throw it around, so I stayed with him to stop that, thank god Essendon where coming good, Sister on the other hand wow.
so they went into a restaurant with the Aristos guy and kept harping how good there life is, I stayed with Dad and though better get you checked out, he had prostate cancer. so treatment started and I I ended up going on a carers pension to care for him.
1999 things where looking fine invited three friends around to watch the preliminary, they were all Carlsum supporters, OMFG we all know what happened, one of them was a private school boy who never turned up to 93 we nearly had a fight on the street outside, never been back since.
At this point I decided to spend the money Mum had left me on the house and invest in IT shares, I did well :wink:
Invested in DavNet at the time and made a killing, then in 2000 bought a WRX ( Was fun) and sold it a year later and bought a house, then the house market doubled had the midas touch :slight_smile:
So onto the house!!!