This old house


The windows are all double hung so ripped them all out;


All the pulleys have been cleaned and windows rehung


I paid for the house to be rewired, verandah to be restructured and plumbing redone and also added a double garage to the house before Dad died, for my sister to say thats ok we will take that into consideration when Dad dies, nope totally went half the house is mine. Just had to mention that. As when he died I added value to the house, so to pay her out I increased my pay out figure. Thats life sigh!!


So stripping back paint and built the decking to add value to the house

check out the old lead weights, ex gf’s mother (RIP) new partner killed someone with one of those another story


the old bathroom even had white fluffy carpet

Doors needed fixing

much better



You have to use space


Old hot water cylinder under the house

Much better


So decided to go full on and here we go

The stuff you find in walls


A puppy comes along little Hurly!


So the roof first right !



Yeah so that was the garage I added on pre getting raped to add value to the house.


And um forgot to add Dad died in 2010, really glad it was before the saga in hindsight. Finding him face down with his head all smashed in next to his bed( he fell and smashed it into his bed side table) is a memory I will never forget, he always said I only live for for Essendon!!!


On with the show; time for a new bathroom;


And old gas pipes


More stuff you find in walls


To be continued :grinning:

Its a bit disjointed and sorry for that, as my Dad I loved him so much, its hard to figure him in this story, but he is the Essendon backbone to me and you guys are now.


Consider dropping by the DJ King thread, dude. Not sure if there are any big red-headed bikies in there, but plenty of great tunes have been played (and some truly terrible ones as well). It’s a fun game, but you need a thick skin to survive. Anyway, back to reading your story. Cheers.


Ha ha thanks, its weird how the most obscure people can some times have the biggest influence on your life, just someone I felt really comfortable with at the time and had some good history with Aus rock music, had a demo tape of powderfinger at the time as he was roading with them in brisvagas before they where big and used to play it in my EXA turbo.


Loving this AnnStBomber. These mainlanders will never know the perfection of a boags red :ok_hand:


So when looking after Dad, I discovered one of my passions again, Arcade and Pinball machines. The internet certainly helped here as I bought a pinball machine ( funny enough one I used to play in the local arcade ) and inevitably it broke down one day.
I didn’t even know how to open let alone fix it, its not like you can go down to the local pinball repair shop 20 years ago especially in Tasmania, so a bit of searching I found a new forum and joined and wow a new world opened up, so many people willing to help and now I am a moderator on that forum and likewise help a lot of people starting in the hobby. Made some new friends life was really starting to be good.
10 years later had my own little Pinball/Arcade meet

I learnt a lot about arcade machines even being able to use old discarded TV’s to use as Arcade CRT’s, this was my new escape and still love the community and playing today.

Here is me with my mad flipper skills playing a machine I restored

So after Dad passed away, I settled on buying my sister out of this old house and continued renovating. Room by room was the best option I wanted to strip this house right back as I had learned with a few pinball restorations, its best to go back to bare bones.