This old house


So everything had to come off and be stripped.

You get smart about things when you do it the hard way and when the roof was being done I prepped and painted new quad to go under the guttering ( No cutting in when getting around to painting the outside.

Like a pro :joy:

I kept the original lard and plaster in most rooms and just used cornice cement to repair and skim coat

Heavy duty tools!!

One of the mantel pieces stripped

windows friggin windows

Need to put a hearth in better learn tiling

At the same time of doing this room the bathroom desperately needed to be updated


And out it all comes better to go right back with the bathroom for water proofing etc, interestingly after over 100 years no water damage under and under the pine lining, then masonite board where the old cedar bathroom boards, was tempted to go heritage renovation here but decided on a more contemporary modern bathroom.

Outside bathroom now!

where the bath once lay

Lard and paster removal is so much fun…said no-one ever!!!

Bit of the white carpet Mum had laid in the bathroom in the early 80’s, carpet in the bathroom is a bad idea!!

Its like Christmas!!!

Doing the front room at the same time

Window coming up nice!!

back to the bathroom and insulation and relining

Cavity’s int he walls to maximise space, vanity recessed, towel rack and storage for shower.

Getting somewhere now

Need to re rope these windows so they hold with the weights and pulleys

Western Red Cedar and maybe King Billy Pine so nice!!

First coat of Danish oil on the front room window

Hurley likes it!!!

Great window can open it right up to the verandah, walls sanded and primed and painted so much easier without architraves and skirting boards can roll all the way :wink:

Time for the floor boards.

Original vents still in place

Hmm this needs to go.

Bathroom going on at the same time, waterproofed

Ok so new roof and inside taking shape the old girl even looks a bit happier :slight_smile:


Mmmm the smell of urethane and shiny floors, wish I had some photos handy of this room before but cigarette, beer stained carpet was pretty putrid.

and here is a shot of the hallway leading to the bathroom, as you can see everything was coated in paint, 100 years of paint.

Yep going Travertine tiles!

Doing two room at once here so more on the front room first coat of Danish oil on the mantle

Window pulleys pulled out and stripped from front room, caked in paint before.

Lets get the picture rails oiled after being stripped and skirting boards, sanding oiling sanding oiling rinse repeat.

More Western Red Cedar

Bathroom making progress

some skirts done and a door one of 12!!! ( guess the game behind it!! )


Picture rail up in the front room, remember doing this by myself using large piece of wood to get it level, was pretty chuffed with the outcome.

Building a hearth, was carpeted over.

the mantle ready to go in, I am sure it was saying hurry up ala blackboard from Mr Squiggle.

Need to finish this bathroom

Tying in the old with the new

Ok STFU mantle piece you are going in!

Getting a feel of the skirting boards before oiling to match with placement

Back to bathroom now mantle is happy :joy:

Need lots of light in the bathroom and lot of lights we will have

Skirting boards take over the garage


This is getting pretty photo intensive now and a picture speaks a thousand words, I was really driven at this point of my life, I had a girlfriend who was working I all wanted to do was this house. Later found she was sleeping with a cough good friend of mine whilst she was living in my investment house prior to Dad passing away ( It worked well as she rented the rooms to Uni students and that was paying the mortgage of that). the house I owned was for investment to buy this one off my so called caring sister , the so called GF was now living with me as Dad had died, little did I know, more to come on that later as things got pretty hairy!!


Tear drop mood lights for the bathroom very fitting

Really like them to have a bath and dim the lights.

Was going to go a spa but just went a nice deep soaker

Skirting boards done on the front room lets get that window in!!

first Mr Hurry up!


All along the furkids where getting along just fine, Juno is the little Maltese Shitzu I had rescued from the RSPCA in 2006? would be 16 now and Hurley is 6, back then Hurley would only be 1 at best, just a normal training day :joy:

See they love each other


Will finish off tonight with the bathroom and front room;

Hearth all tiled with heritage tiles

window back in a working like it should

Yep looks great!! :smiley:


New light shade and ceiling rose


Brilliant job, Ben. You mentioned your previous work experience (in IT), but are you a carpenter as well? Whatever the score, you have done a superb job renovating your home. Bravo, Sir. :clap:


Hey thanks @JohnRain, no just follow my passions, thats why I am here as well :), can’t seem to find a completed bathroom photo but that’s ok. I said to myself after those room never again little did I know what I would put myself through. I thought that was hard !!

I will never do this again and has certainly been a labour of love.

Funny my IT work is so limited but my life skills have brought me here, never afraid to try something new and that whats keeps my mental cognition happy, I thrive on that. So much more to come on “This old house”.

Keep it fresh brother!



So much to love about this post.

Keep pursuing those passions, finding projects that are a labour of love, challenging yourself, sharing and throwing yourself out there. Expressing self-confidence, especially after dealing with a lot of difficult experiences, is really cool, Ben. Mad respect, bruva.


Hey thanks mate, it really is the only way, when life gives you lemons make lemonade hey! I really have been a kind hearted person as well through out my life, and to be told by someone over 20 years ago that people you know are just playing on your kind heartedness really hit home and not in a good way.

It took me a long time to realise that people actually use people and don’t even care deep heartedly, I thought maybe I just have met bad people, but it has taking a long time but a good lesson that most people are just ■■■■■. I have been fortunate enough to met some people and pretty special in hindsight that are truly good. It reinforces my belief in myself and I hope from my little story that someone else can find it inside themselves to not worry about people and things that might bring them down and pursue what they love.

I have a guitar sitting in the corner that I so want to learn to play and that will come, right now I am so happy with Essendon and going to keep pushing through as this club and it’s supporters are my family to me.


And like they say to be continued :slight_smile:


Awesome job @AnnStBomber, your house and telling your story.

Looking forward to the next chapters. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @miss_ellie


Some fantastic work there mate. Looks fantastic in the pics.

I love doing renos on Old places and restoring them to their former glory, . but it a hell of a lot of work to get it right.

Fortunately I employ young blokes to do the humping work these days, and focus on the craftsmanship side more, but I know what it’s like to do it on your own, as I often did back in the day, and even as a qualified Chippy with loads of experience in it, it was still a hugely laborious, time consuming, exacting task to achieve a good result.

You should be very proud of yourself. Kudos. :+1:


So I was going to be really funny and post a pic of a Ladyboy Pimp.
Here’s some advice - do not google for it.


love your work great job but had one worry had to go outside to make certain my dog was there and not transported to tassie


Was around January 2015 and decided to start on the outside, I had already done some at the back and was using tungsten scrappers, belt sanders and orbitals, the finish was not what I was hoping for, so the only way to get this looking right was to remove 110 years of paint.

I had removed the windows on this bay window when doing the inside and painted them before installing.

I did in sections to break the repetitiveness, and give me some flow on inspiration .

The extension that was done to the kitchen late 80’s unfortunately doesn’t have matching weather boards :frowning:

Kitchen windows had to come out and be repaired/ painted etc

Removing old putty and glass rinse repeat

Looking better already

On to the next window etc etc

Pinball machines make good benches!

Keeping the beer supplies up! :slight_smile:


New glass, new putty and painted. These can be so time consuming.

But look so good!!

Two at at time and some colour on the outside!!

Little Juno!!

and Hurley

Bedrooms all done, someone likes it

More paint stripping

Have to strip the verandah, Huon pine posts, nice!!

Meanwhile we had started a dog treat business and converted the garage to a kitchen

Bit of thunder! and lightning

Me doing dog treats :joy:

the living room needed doing as I had lost the garage pinballs and games where in here

The now gone dog treat business or is that dog gone!

Racing sim!!

The verandah starts

So many sides!! These slats are so fiddly and so many!!!

A bit of primer

Starting to get there although about here I understood what blood sweat and tears means, had to keep pushing on

Moving the driving sim back to the garage

Speed kills cousin!!

Some drink driving

back to work

I found it better to prime then repair as he helped showed bad spots, so many nails needed re punching , gods know how many kilos of builders bog was used to help!

Hurley sleeping again!! actually the only time he keeps still enough for a photo lol

mates pinball collection at his house

Have to have a break every now and again to reenergise

North West coast of Tassie!

How I felt after most days on doing this

Lounge room time!

time for the persuader

Nice off in one piece! :slight_smile:

Door stripped and back on so I can sand these walls without filling the house in white dust well minimal!!!

Old locks get cleaned up and new springs and keys