This week in history

Just thought I would start a thread that we can add to week to week. Basically it’s about past recollections against the team we are playing in the current week.

So the pies. My first memory was playing them in 1990 at the G, standing in the ponsford stand. We beat them convincingly in round 6, then we played them at VFL park in round 18 I think. Won by a goal after losing Van Der Haar and Watson before quarter time. Funnily enough, they didnt use Monkhorst all game.
Then they smashed us in the semi (thanks Sumich) and GF.
1995 first anzac day, I was there and been to all except last year when nurse called us all in because my wife’s grandfather was dying and ready to go. We rock up to the hospital and he is sitting up, having lunch and talking to us all. Thought it was strange that someone who is about to die (priest was even called). Not only did he pull through, he even made it home at 95.
Wonder what the future dentist is up to now?
Anzac day draw, crazy. Such an empty feeling at the end but looking back, deserved it. Lines at gate 6 went back to jolimont station, gate 12 back to the tennis center bridge. 94,825 got in, about 30,000 locked out. Gates were locked at 1pm, I remember being at the ground when the announcement came over and turned to my dad and said “gonna be a big one today”
1996, robbed by counts Harvey, Kennedy and Goldspink. 21 free kicks to 4 after half time, even the footy show mocked the umpires.
1997, ruined by injuries, Cransberg and Cocky nearly get us the win.
And then not much until 2009 and zaka

Non-anzac day, meh. Carlisle embarrassed Maxwell.


First memory of a pies game is ANZAC 95. My Dad who’s a Collingwood supporter took my brother and i and plonked us right next to the pies cheer squad.

The hird dominated ones were amazing. The one he pulled a goal out from the boundary on HT stands out

Can’t remember the year, but it was when the ponsford and MCC were being redeveloped, I think. The game where Hird got 5, cupido about 5, we put them to the sword in the last quarter. I remember Jimmy celebrating his last goal, luxurious golden hair reflecting the luxurious golden pre-dusk sun in which the ground was bathed…

One of my favourite games ever.



Even in isolation, you could only be describing one man.

  1. What a 21st birthday that was.

Night before we were at a club with a few guys from uni and Pies were going well at that stage, this we were 2-2. A pie supporting mate said to a mate of mine “mate, I’ll give you 5 goals in”. Bomber turns around “■■■■ you, I’ll give you 10 goals in”
Pie says fine, and I’ll give you 10-1. So the bomber put on $100.



The second of four Anzac Day games for me, and by far the most glorious. I had really good seats on the flank just a few rows up.

Apparently we shot down the Red Baron, thats kinda cool.

oh about footy?

day off from school to watch essendon play.

I remember late in the year, under pressure to make finals, I think 2002/2003, when Moorcroft kicked like 5 or 6 including one from his back and we sunk them by 9 odd goals? That was very satisfying.

Ahhh the pies, if ever a club summed up the smell of beers and ciggies it was them as a kid.

Some obscure memories:

Was at the very first in the Ponsford, pretty sure it was Lucas debut and he didn’t get a touch.

1996: Anthony Rocca kicked a massive goal and the pies fans around me were all calling him pebbles? from the flintstones. WTF?

Was is it 97 or 98 where it felt like we were making a come back, lloyd took a mark fair and square and some how the umpire paid push in the back? Just remember people going nuts at the umpires around me.

2002: OH MY, luckily undercover at the top of the southern as rained HARD all day but geez the pies fans were out of control that day. Said it before but in all my years of going to the footy, as far as opposition noise against us that was the loudest. Every goal they sunk past us in that second half to finish us off was being greeted with pies fans carrying on like fkn baboons.

2003: OH BABY. Of all Anzac day matches this is my favourite, everything about it from Hirds goals, the sun drenched MCG, Cupido, Rioli. Fantastic.

2007: Kepler Bradley, his work that day is still ingrained in my skull. Pies fans still bring up his highlights to me.


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Apologies for being a little against the flow, but my old man reminded me that exactly 50 years ago to the day, Anzac Day, he took me to Princes Park to see Essendon play Carlton. We were on the half forward flank outer side. A few things l remember, it was ■■■■■■ windy, Carlton kicked one goal for the day, Essendon won, Barassi had that look on his face all day, number 23 for Essendon was everywhere. I was speechless the whole game.

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Ken Fraser a great player and a great captain. Should be in the AFL Hall of Fame.

It was about the windiest day I can remember with the wind blowing directly across the ground. At half-time we trailed 0.5 to 0.7. Jack Clarke, the coach, then switched his most skilled players to the side of the ground that was getting all the action and we kicked seven goals to one in the second half.


Hawks this week
Hasn’t been pretty in recent history.
2001 was a good one, they were undefeated and ready to take us on and we smashed them by 10 goals
1993 out at Waverly where we were smashed by the maggots but still won.
1992 lost by 160 points. Dunstall in previous two matches kicked 1 goal, came out and kicked 12 goals and I think 8 behinds against us.

Not about this week, but I saw Lumberjack Guy on ANZAC Day. We’re gonna beat Hawthorn.

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2010 after Anzac Day where GUMB snapped a goal from the pocket.

2009 earlier in the year when we went up against them as major underdogs on a Friday night. Hooker went to Buddy and did a good job IIRC. Lovett stormed through the middle for a late goal which got the crowd up and about.

2007 post Anzac Day, Buddy went nuts and kicked about 9. Mal Michael went forward in the last and kicked a goal I think.

2001 when we were down 8 premiership players, doubt on Hird’s fitness all week, come out and smash them. Very satisfying.

Thought this would be as good a place as any to post it.

for those blitzers who saw these guys play, can you name them?


I saw Don McKenzie on the news a few months ago when that bus-driver got jailed after running into the Montague St bridge, and he looked really unwell. Looks a lot better in this photo.

I think the guy worked for one of Don’s bus companies.