Thread for Realists - the 2014/2015 “Lid On” thread

Fark Me...We are a very poor side. Lid firmly on!


Mods - Please delete the Lid off Thread. Save us from ourselves.

Bottom 4.

Carlton, Brisbane and GC are worse. Anyone else?

Lid On. Welded shut.

Refer to my thread blokes. Im with ya

The creator of Lid Off joins Lid On!
What an historic moment!

I think I’ll settle in here now.

So warm and cozy with the lid on top.

never been so ashamed of an essendon side in all my life. couldnt even lift for the great man.


Expecting a lot of new members in this thread soon…

If luck had run against Essendon could have been 1:8 or 2:7.
Some serious questions need to be asked of playing list and coaching panel

Refer to my thread blokes. Im with ya

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I don’t think we’ve lacked “effort” this season, even when we’ve played guiniely ■■■■ football. We played inifinitely better tonight, but at the end of the day several errors were made in that last quarter as well. My lid is on, I just don’t think we’re that good :frowning:

7th-12th, just like the last 7 years.

I think you mean mattgmc87.

Indeed I did, and I have modified my post.
You certainly do not belong in that group. Hehe...

Emptying my sportsbet account on Collingwood

perception is not always reality. Just cos you see what someone says as pessimistic doesn't actually make it so.

It's hard not to feel that way. That was a sh*tty, sh*tty loss. And I agree with many of your points.


But as previous seasons have showed us, the first 5 rounds (as far as we are concerned), means very little in the overall scheme of things.


It's a long season, and there are still many things to pan out. 

I'm not looking forward to our june slump this year. This place will be even more unbearable.

7th-12th, just like the last 7 years.

Depends if we have our typical June fade out
I think we should be in the 5-10 bracket somewhere. At the start of the year I'd basically split the clubs into 3 groups. Can't remember who was where or exact figures but essentially it was:
Teams capable of winning the flag (short listed to 5 sides)
Teams capable of making finals (positions 6-14) but imo no real threat of a flag, and the order being largely dictated by injury to key players (I had us in the upper half of this group)
Teams with little to no chance of finals (15-18)
I had the expansion teams in the third group purely based on past seasons. At some point they will move into group 2 and eventually 1 but until that actually happens I don't like to speculate.
All in all we're probably 1 win shy of where I would have predicted and have the same list issues we've had the previous years which means really so far nothing out of the ordinary has happened.
Lack of real leg speed, lack of a consolidated key forward, lack of a legitimate crumbling goal kicker and no top line depth in the midfield is not new

P.S. Fark the lid.