Time Essendon FC got rid of its Pokies licences

Interesting expose in todays HS detailing the innovative business plans and initiatives other clubs are developing to create a non core business revenue stream. This is enabling other clubs to grow their businesses and eliminate the need for Pomies.

I’ve been critical of our clubs lack of focus and attention to this area whilst other clubs leave us dithering from year to year wondering how we can financially exit Pokie Machines

, fund the Windy Hill redevelopment and ultimately upgrade The Hangar.

The clock keeps ticking whilst other clubs power ahead financially.


It sounds like we need to employ someone to drive purposeful innovation.

Allegedly, our CEO doesn’t hold the hose on such functions.
Maybe we could draft in Dan the Man

Have you taken into consideration how many stairs there are at Tullamarine?


Dave Evans will lend him his keys for the VIP lift.

Just buy more Pokie machines and money will never be an issue again.

I knew someone must be making some serious coin out of childcare centres- cos it certainly ain’t the staff.

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No thanks.

Same with Aged Care, heavily subsidised by the State. McManus did get the aged care workers a bit more pay.

@Bacchusfox Just replying to you here so as not to drag things off course too much in the AGM thread.

The figures are based off the expenditure data published by the VGCCC here. They publish venue level data twice a year, LGA level monthly. Loss per machine is more accurately player loss per machine.

Expenditure/player loss/net cash balance seem to be interchangeable terms but essentially if you put in $50 and play it down to $0.00 then $50 is recorded towards the expenditure total (minus any jackpot contributions). Loss per machine just divides the venue expenditure figure by the number of EGMs in the venue at the end of the reporting period.

Re: Melton Country Club figures. FY23, Venue expenditure $8,453,362.77 ÷ 90 Machines = $93,926.25 per machine

Do you recall where you heard the $6878 a month figure? In this last FY, 38.5% of venues were below that amount, so it makes me question it a bit. The machines at Windy Hill only got three quarters of the way there!

I will check, but I think it was from the State government when they were revised the tax on each poker machine.

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Go you good thing :rofl: