Tiwi Bombers - bouncing back


Club has more than enough.
On track to make $3m plus in profit this year and spending plenty on bidding for a AFLW side


Rather save the Tiwi Bombers than buy Dicky Brownlows


Sorry. What?


The Tiwi Bombers should be supported, it would make a really interesting rotation if we added a member of the coaching staff to support the preparation of the Tiwi Bomber each season. This would be great for a cultural education for the staff member, and provide great intelligence on which Tiwi Islanders (male and female) to keep an eye on.

If we were serious about our Tiwi Island zone, we could really support the transition for category B recruits in both their home environment and in Melbourne. The staff member would need to be very culturally aware or at least be suited to becoming so.

This could really enrich the EFC and be great for the Tiwi people if done well.


People setup a Go Fund Me page to donate to the club so they could buy ■■■■ Reynolds’ brownlows at auction.


what a great Idea how do we get this up before the club??


King Richard’s brownlow medals will go to the highest bidder I am pretty sure whom ever gets them will treat them with the respect they deserve …it is just a pity that the club cant or wont buy them at asking price after all King Richard was our best ever champion of the club


I know we’re not drowning in money but I almost feel like we could/should/would get some sort of concession for keeping Tiwi afloat and doing good in the community up there. Even if we got a Tippa every 5 years and a bit part player every 2/3 it’d be worth it and “fair.” Especially given what the northern clubs get.


Thanks Helen,

Logistically it is a big commitment, which would have to be done in consultation with the Tiwi community to make it workable and how to do that consultation would take some local knowledge, and it seems that with the Tiwi Bombers coach being sacked there were forces at work which he claimed to be unaware of, which could mean a lot of things.

It also assumes that EFC knows how to go about such a consultation, on both sides it takes people who know how to work together on such a project and a lot of flexibility and understanding particularly on the EFC side. @benfti may know more about how realistic this type of idea would be.


If we could do something like this well, I agree, it could be really beneficial to EFC, not the least in helping with EFC being able to best manage their Aboriginal and particularly Tiwi talent, which could mean that players who wouldn’t otherwise make it, could make it with the EFC, which means category B players could be a better chance to make it with us.


Fwiw, I’m reasonably sure that Tiwi bombers are an important pillar of our next generation academy


The Australian Sports Foundation has a tax deductible fund raising project for the Tiwi Bombers.


The Tiwi Bombers Football Club Board met this morning in Wurrumiyanga and ratified the Board for the 2017/18 season consisting of Gawin Tipiloura, Marion Scrymgour, Richard Tungatalum, Connell Tipiloura, Mary Dunn, Darren Harris and Dwayne Wathen.

President of the Tiwi Bombers Football Club Gawin Tipiloura said: “We’d like to thank outgoing board members Danny Munkara and Deanne Rioli for their contributions, and welcome new board members Mary, Darren and Dwayne”.

Mr Tipiloura said after the meeting he has great confidence in the board and the direction the Tiwi Bombers are taking.

In addition, Mr Tipiloura said he is “confident in the future of the club and will ensure the Tiwi Bombers Football Club is sustainable for all Tiwi people and future generations”.

Essendon Football Club representative Darren Harris said he is “humbled to be appointed to the board”.

Essendon Football Club’s initial focus on Tiwi is to establish its academy programs, with a long term commitment to the Tiwi Bombers and the sustainable development of football on the Tiwi Islands.

AFL Northern Territory CEO Michael Solomon said: “it is reassuring to see the club find an appropriate financial model that not only supports the Premier League Club but also Under 15 and Under 18 girls teams”.

Mr Tipiloura said the board had discussed in-depth the appointment of its coach for the 2017/18 season in its first meeting.

“We are confident we have found the right person and will make an announcement in the coming week”.


Tiwi Bombers could do some help with its website


Tiwi Bombers back in business

While the Tiwi Bombers’ senior side’s season has come to an end, monumental improvements have seen the club eying off a return to the top.

After finishing second last and last in their past two seasons respectively, the team’s return to the finals this year is a strong indicator that the club is once again heading in the right direction.

The Bombers were stranded with just two victories last season, but improved dramatically after a slow start to record eight wins this year in a significant form turnaround.

Essendon is a major partner of the Tiwi Bombers, contributing financially to the club and providing pathways for Tiwi Islanders into the elite system through its academies.

Essendon’s GM Community, Academies & Women’s Football Development and Tiwi Bombers board member Darren Harris said there were many reasons behind the change in form.

“The improvement has been profound given the previous two seasons,” Harris said.

“Led by senior coach Brenton Toy the boys have played with greater focus and a relatively simple game plan.

“Brenton has used mainly Tiwi boys living on Tiwi, which was not a high priority in the previous two seasons.”

Harris said the initiative shown by several senior players was also a major factor in the side’s form turnaround.

“Prior to Christmas a small group of the players took a stand and made it clear to the whole squad what it meant to play for Tiwi and if you were not prepared to step up and commit you would not get a game,” he said.

Though the side’s attacking efficiency improved this season, it is its defensive game and more secure squad that perhaps best expresses the team’s improvement.

The Bombers conceded 440 fewer points this year as it used 21 fewer players throughout the season.

Harris expects to see more success from Tiwi footballers and believes Essendon fans will see more Tiwi players join the club in the future.

“This year will provide a lot of confidence in the community and assist off the field in gaining greater support from businesses and the broader Darwin community that Tiwi footy is now heading in the right direction,” he said.

“We will be welcoming some of the young talent to the club for academy-based programs this year.

“While they are a few years off potentially being drafted, the club will be working with them to assist a possible future transition to Melbourne to don the sash.”

Tiwi Bombers’ premier side will now take a back seat as the club’s under-18 girls team fights for a chance at the premiership in the semi-final this weekend.


Tiwi vs st Mary’s on nitv now. Great stuff


last weeks game.


Is Noodles still playing for St Mary’s? Peter Mac-something


No idea. Can advise that Austin Wonaeamirri got hold of all the pies.


I always love me some PeterPaulAndMary action.