Tom Rockliff

It has come to my attention that Tom Rockliff should be in the conversation along with Fyfe and Martin.

The 27 year old is a quality midfielder and importantly, a free agent. We desperately need another quality inside mid to help out Heppell, etc.

Thoughts?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=1]

  • Yes, I’m interested
  • No, thank you

I think I can speak for everyone on BB and say, “That’s a no”

I think I can speak for everyone not included in the above “everyone” and say YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!


Dusty and Rocky


Is not a leader, but is a very good footballer. would take.

Ahh I’ve just found the “Rocky” thread by SMJ. He has been discussed, but should be thought about further.

Nah dog

Speak for yourself
Yes from me

Would take any of the three in a heartbeat, exactly what we need.

Well they obviously thought he was a leader at some stage, they made him captain. Lets not forget that Brisbane, post Matthews has been a debacle. They threw way too much at spuds like Fevola & have leaked quality players every year. Green last year was just another example of a player with value sold off from a club in turmoil. They’ve lost players like Polec, Henderson, Luenberger, Longer, Docherty, Yeo, Aish in recent years - all of them were 1st round draft picks & now it looks like Schache might join them. Judging a player in that environment for not being able to overcome his surrounds seems harsh IMHO. Besides that we don’t really need to bring in a leader we need good footballers. Maybe like Goddard a new club will bring out some better qualities but really we just need a mid who can win the ball 30 times a game & dispose of it with quality.

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Rather keep our top 6 draft pick we’ll get this season

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He’s a free agent

Oops missed that.

I wouldn’t chuck a plodding accumulator into our current midfield unless we’re planning on weeding out a few of them at the end of this season.

Slight upgrade on dead wood with limited lifespan and no upside.

So, yes.



Pretty much this.
If Jobe pulls the pin, I definitely would. If Jobe doesn’t pull the pin, I still probably would.

To me, Myers, Hocking, Howlett, Bird and Stants have shown nothing to suggest they’re in our best side, going into next year.
Take them out of the picture, and we’ve only really got Goddard and Heppell as big, slow mids, and Goddard can play just about everywhere.

He’s a free hit, he’s not a perfect player, but he’s good regardless.

Suspect Brisbane will lock down on him, not a good look to have your captain walk out.


That’s the beauty of it, they dropped him as captain for this year.

He’s not the captain, but I agree that anyone that doesn’t think Rocky is not a massive upgrade on our current extractors is overrating our plodders. We might be able to get him a little cheaper now too as he surely knows he aint worth what he hoped last year when he shopped himself around. Pay him $600K, the lions aren’t going anywhere - theres more upside playing for us. I’m not sure that I’d pay $800K for him though…


Rockliff is a fkn massive upgrade on any of Watson, bird,Myers, Stanton, hocking, howlett